Customer Review: Race Face SixC Crankset

Built for: AM/Enduro/DH
Spindle size: 30mm
Weight: 525grams (32T direct mount, no BB)
Sizes: 165mm/170mm/175mm BB options: BSA-68/73mm BB92-BB89.5 BB30-68/73mm PF30-68/73mm 392-EVO BSA-83mm BB107-BB104.5 PF30-83mm 

Installing the Race Face SixC cranks was fairly simple and easy which is becoming synonymous with Race Face's Cinch System offerings. The bottom bracket used on the cranks I tested was a press fit BB92 and while one could fairly easily tap it into the frame carefully with a mallet or small piece of wood, it is highly recommended to use the correct press fit tool or have your local bike shop install just the bottom bracket for you and you can do the rest! Once the BB is snug and in place, you could get the rest setup with a few allen wrenches. The installation instructions in the manual are pretty easy to follow so you shouldn't have any problems. This crankset is available in various different options with arms from 165mm to 175mm and various threaded to press fit bottom brackets. The Race Face SixC cranks also come in a multitude of colors including black, orange, and turquoise.

RaceFace Sixc Crankset Review

The stiffness of crank arms is not something that is usually overly noticeable right out of the gate, especially on a DH rig or one of the ever popular 6 inch enduro rides so many people are on these days which tend to mute these attributes. However, I must say that from the very first time I hopped on the bike that we installed these on I immediately felt a noticeable difference from the mid-level alloy cranks these replaced. I am 6’4 and weigh 215 lbs so I tend to apply a bit more pressure to crank arms than most. After putting a decent amount of time in on these, from unintended flat landings to more rowdy DH style trails to having taken a few good knocks from rocks etc., they have remained incredibly solid if only for some aesthetic surface scuffs. I am often a bit nervous of the lighter weight carbon cranks, especially being on the bigger side of things but the more I ride these the more confident I become in them. I especially love the ridged feel when standing up and really cranking on them; they do not budge and truly make me feel my effort is being translated to the wheels as efficiently as possible.

Race Face SixC Crankset Review

I have had to re-snug up the preload adjustment a few times but after the 3rd or 4th time it has been rock solid and hasn't eek'd a creek which we all know is incredibly annoying. There is nothing worse than a creaky bottom bracket on a long pedal. Somehow Race Face has managed to shave quite a few grams off the nearest competition without sacrificing any strength and although these do not come cheap, I do feel in this case you get what you pay for: a set of super slick looking, lightweight, DH worthy cranks that your mates will be drooling over

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December 05, 2016

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