Introducing: Evil 'The Calling'

Evil The Calling - Worldwide Cyclery

Road trippin’, turn slashin’, side-hit-jibbin’, nose-bonkin’, sprint-climbin’ attitude, that’s the Calling.


Evil is at it again with the release of The Calling, a shorter travel 27.5”/26+ (yes, a 26+) that could be looked at as The Following’s delinquent little brother who lost his way. With the popularity of The Following, many people were hoping Evil would produce a 27.5” version; enter The Calling.

Evil The Calling - Worldwide Cyclery

At 131mm of rear suspension travel and 140mm in the front, one might assume this bike is just like any other bike in the mid-range travel class, but that is where you’re wrong. What sits under the hood is what makes The Calling yet another intriguing bike in the Evil arsenal. Without getting too much into the nerdy geometry of this frame, we can say it is one of the slacker bikes in the mid-travel category at 66.4 degrees in the low setting and 65.8 degrees in the X-low setting. Pair this with short chainstays and a low BB and you get one bitchin’ mountain ripper that can be flicked and nose bonked down the trail.

Evil The Calling - Worldwide Cyclery

At this point, there doesn’t really need to be a disclaimer, but Evil bikes were not built with intentions of getting to the top of the hill first, they were made to get to the bottom first and have ample amounts of fun on the way to destroying all of your bros. That being said, the geometry of this bike should create for a capable climbing machine given that what the The Calling really wants to do is descend. The seat angle is steeper than both The Following and The Insurgent which will put the rider in a better climbing position.

This frame will come in two colors: Angry Dolphin (we're guessing they're still bitter about Ray Finkle's missed field goal kick in the '82 Super Bowl) and Muddy Waters, a sleek matte grey/green looking type color.

Evil The Calling

We have yet to get our hands on one of these things but we should have a demo bike here in the shop soon. Here are some words from the man in charge, Kevin Walsh: “I don’t think a bike is capable of making you ride better, they can certainly give you confidence to ride above your ability, but nothing makes you a better rider except for you. With that said, this bike will make you ride like a criminal. It is like a little sports car with too much horsepower and track tires. You want to get on the gas and get sideways at any opportunity and cause trouble. You will find yourself unnecessarily slashing and rock flinging at every opportunity.”

Stay tuned for a full bike review and availability on the Evil ‘The Calling.’ In the meantime, check out the intro video and full geometry and specs below.

Evil The Calling Geometry

Evil The Calling Specs

Evil The Calling Sizing

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December 01, 2016

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