Customer Review: Fox Float X2 Rear Shock w/ Climb Switch

This review was written by one of our customers on the east coast. Let's see what he thinks about his new Fox Float X2 rear shock and how it stacks up against some of the best downhill trails the southeast has to offer. 


Customer Review: Fox Float X2 Rear Shock w/ Climb Switch - Worldwide Cyclery

Before the Fox Float X2, I had a Fox Float X on my GT Sanction. That shock was great but I wanted something more suited for downhill and bike parks. I ride a lot at Windrock Bike Park in Tennessee, and anyone who has ridden there knows that that place is no joke. It can bring pain to any bike or rider that dare ride its trails.

I had looked at other options like the Cane Creek DB Air when I bought the X2. Fox suspension had always treated me well so the Float X2 was a pretty easy choice.

Customer Review: Fox Float X2 Rear Shock w/ Climb Switch - Worldwide Cyclery
The shock came in a nice box with everything I needed to get it set up, including an extra air volume spacer to make the shock more progressive. Setup was very easy and the recommended settings from the factory worked pretty well as a starting point.
The main thing that drew me to the X2 was the incredible range of adjustment. The shock comes with low and high speed rebound and compression adjustment, as well as orange air volume spacers that control the progressivity of the shock. I run my shock with the maximum number of volume spacers allowed because my bike is very linear and the ramp up in the shock prevents bottom outs on big hits. I also took a few clicks off of compression and rebound damping to make the shock feel livelier.

The small bump sensitivity on the X2 is an immense improvement over my old Float X, and the increased range of adjustment helped me get my bike set up exactly how I like it. The X2 is definitely for somebody who likes to mess around with suspension settings. If you're a set and forget type of person, it might not be for you. I am in love with my new shock and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for their next upgrade.

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March 24, 2017

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