Customer Review: Maxxis Aggressor Tire

This review of the new Maxxis Aggressor Tire is written by one of our customers. Hear his thoughts on changing from the tried and true Maxxis High Roller II tire to the Maxxis Agressor. Thanks for the info!


First of all, I want to say thank you to Worldwide Cyclery for their friendly staff and good deals. Before the Maxxis Aggressor, my setup has always been the High Roller II 2.4 rear and Minion DHF 2.5 front. I thought it was a great setup for my type of riding and for the rough terrain where I ride…. until I tried the Aggressor…

Customer Review: Maxxis Aggressor Tires - Worldwide Cyclery
Customer Review: Maxxis Aggressor Tire - Worldwide Cyclery

I was in Southern California during the holidays and I was having a blast descending Gridley and all of a sudden…pop! Brand-new High Roller II rear tire. Gashed. Flat. Dead. Long story short, I had to walk down the last 3 miles because the valve stem on the spare tube is too short for the Derby rims. Talk about being unprepared. SMH!

It was time for a change. I headed over to Worldwide Cyclery and picked up the Maxxis Aggressor. I didn’t know much about this tire before but I thought I’d give it a try. Almost two months and about 150 miles later, including a 53-mile ride, rainy day ride (don’t worry, I rode a rain-friendly trail!), rocky Santa Barbara trails, and the normal, rough Las Vegas and Bootleg Canyon trails, the Aggressor is doing just fine.

It rolls so much faster than the High Roller II, and while the knobs are not as big and spaced out as the HR II, the Aggressor has good grip even on loose terrain. I like it so much that I put the same setup on my 29er bike. Happy riding!

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March 23, 2017

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