Customer Review: Fox Float 36 Fork

This is a review written by one of our customers, Natty Nizri, who recently purchased one of the new Fox 36 forks for his Santa Cruz Bronson. Read on to see what he thinks!


This fork is just so stiff - the front wheel will go wherever you say, right away, no lag. Once you tune it well to fit your size/riding style using all the adjustment options it does a great job sticking the front wheel to the ground, at any speed. It also has the bottomless tokens that you can add to it to perfectly adjust travel progression. No more giving up traction to prevent bottom ups.

Customer Review: Fox 36 Fork
I got this fork after riding on a Rockshox Pike RCT3 for five months and feeling deeply disappointed. As soon as I replaced the Pike with the 2017 Fox 36 it felt like I was riding a new bike (although it was the same bike). When I built this bike (2016 Santa Cruz Bronson) five months ago, I picked every part on my own with no intention to compromise. When picking a fork for the new Bronson, I hesitated between a Fox 36 which I have ridden before on previous bikes and was just perfect, and the Pike RCT3 which had excellent reviews the year before. Being an innovator myself - I decided to give the Pike a shot. Big mistake..

Unfortunately, nothing I stated above about the Fox 36 is true about the Pike, especially when riding speed gets a little crazy. No stiffness, no plushness and the tuning is nothing like the Fox 36 fork.

To sum up: if you are a fast rider that pushes limits within every ride - this is THE fork for you. Great value for money and it also has a hell of a swag... :)

Of course you need to be running a 140-170mm fork because this is the travel range for this fork.

Adjustments: Spring rate | High speed compression | Low speed compression | Rebound | Travel progression
Pros: Stiff as hell, works great in high speed, no need for 180mm rotor adapter (New), looks great
Cons: Not free

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Fox Float 36 Fork

February 06, 2017

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