Customer Review: DT Swiss E512 Rim

DT Swiss is probably best known for their incredibly durable and precise wheels. DT has always been a shop favorite for us and has been very popular among our customers. Luckily for us, Kyle Spencer sent over this Review of the DT Swiss E512 Rim for us. Let’s see what he thought.

DT Swiss E512 Rim
I had recently purchased a set of the M442 trail rated rims and had them built up with DT 350 hubs. I got 3 rides in when a rock found its way into the sidewall of the tire and denting a flat spot onto the rear rim. Game over. So I went with the next best thing. The E512 is a little wider and heavier than the M442 and is the same rim that is used in the 1700 wheel set.

The DT Swiss E512 rim is rated for enduro riding so it should be able to withstand some beating. It is also 30mm wide which is perfect for the new "wider is better" concept that is trending with tire manufacturers. I have a tire that is 2.3" wide mounted and it still holds great shape. It’s not stretched out to far, not squared off.

I've got a decent amount of rides on it now and it still is holding true. Luckily I haven't had any rock strikes, knock on wood. I haven't noticed any significant weight changes from the rim being bigger and burlier. It seems to be doing the job.

DT Swiss E512 Rim

November 05, 2017

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