Customer Review: Ritchey WCS CX Disc Fork

This review was written by Peter Fedullo,who recently purchased the Ritchey WCS CX fork from us. Let's take a look at what he thought of the fork after installing it on his bike.

Ritchey WCS CX Fork
Coming from a mountain bike background, the idea of reviewing a rigid carbon fork like the Ritchey WCS CX Disc Fork seems like a pretty easy job. And when you compare that to assessing the qualities of a modern suspension fork, it is. However, it's even easier when that featherweight piece of carbon fiber just works really well.

Right out of the box, the full carbon construction reliably keeps the weight to a minimum and was within a few grams of that claimed by Ritchey. The straight steerer paired with a quick release is a bit of an anachronism in the era of tapered steerer tubes and through-axles, however when attached to the Ritchey Swiss Cross it makes a lot of sense. The fork is compliant without being flexy and while I found that this pairs well with a steel framed bike, it would probably be great for taking some of the harshness out of a stiff carbon frame as well, provided you could find one without a tapered steerer. Despite the quick release, the fork manages to track well under hard braking loads even without the added stiffness of a through-axle.

As far as looks, matte black with subtle gloss Ritchey branding running down the legs isn't going to have people breaking their necks as you fly by, but if understated is your thing then this fork looks great.

Ritchey WCS Fork

November 06, 2017

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