Customer Review: Cane Creek 110-series Headset

As many of us can understand, headsets can be quite confusing. The sizing, compatibility, and quality are all very important. Cane Creek has made a name for their precise and durable headsets over the years and are definitely a go to headset for many of us. Ryan Weiss, chose the Cane Creek 110-Series headset to accommodate his trusty Yeti SB5.5. Let's take a look and see what he had to say about it.

Cane Creek 110 Series Headset

I have two Cane Creek 110 headsets with about 8000 miles between the two. I also have a Cane Creek 40 on an XC/trail bike with about 4000 miles. Knock on wood; I have not had a single issue, not even a small noise on any of them. I like their top quality construction, they look good and a nice bonus is how the top cap is offered in a tall and short version giving some options on spacer use.

Installation and the instructions were easy and straightforward to follow.  I used a Park Tool headset press (HHP-2) for the installation. I have used Dumonde MR Grease for years during assembly. I put extra on and let it ooze out during assembly and then wipe it but leave an even layer between the bearing and the seat/crown race creating a nice grease seal that has done a great job keeping dirt out.  Maintenance demands are limited and easy to carry out especially with the grease seal as it is always clean inside.  When it's time for my fork to be serviced I just thoroughly clean the headset and put a new application of grease on.

Cane Creek 110 Series Headset

King headsets are great as well, but since I have so many trouble-free miles on the Cane Creeks, I have a lot of confidence in them and will continue using them.  Is the 110 worth the up-charge over the 40 since I’ve had zero issues with my 40 as well?  I think it comes down to a budget. Since I have so many trouble-free miles on the 110's it will be hard to not get a 110 again especially with their great 110-year warranty.

Cane Creek 110 Series Headsets

September 06, 2017

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