7 Protection Transition Elbow Pads Review

7 Protection has some of the most advanced high-end mountain bike protection on the market. From lightweight soft foam to hard shell full protection products, their pads span a wide variety of off-road protection while all meeting and exceeding CE standards. With everything from joint protection, helmets, chest and back protection, to gloves, 7iDP covers it all. They are known for their innovative design, durability, quality, and comfort. Here in this review, we are taking a closer look at the 7iDP Transition Elbow Pads. The Transition elbow pads are designed around the same premise of the Transition knee pads; lightweight, comfortable, and impact hardening foam. 

7iDP Transition Elbow Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

 Super Light

  • A minimalist design keeps weight low and a slim profile means the Transition elbow pads can easily go unnoticed under a jersey.

Compression Fit

  • Internal silicone strips combined with a compression fit mean the pads form closely around the upper and forearm giving a consistent non-slip fit.

  • The breathable 4-way stretch mesh runs full length on the inside of the pads keeping free from moisture build up.

Price: $69.99

Weight: 210g per side


The Good and The Bad

  • The tight compression fit holds the elbow pads up where they should be. I never had any problems with the pads twisting and shifting around while riding. The top band and silicone strip fit tight around the bicep. 
  • The impact hardening foam molds to the shape of your arm once the pads get nice and warm. For someone who is looking for a super slim and minimalistic elbow pad like myself, this could be the one. I quickly forgot that I was even wearing the pads. 
  • These pads can go straight in to the washing machine and dry out in no time.
  • The sizing seems to bit on the smaller side of things. I am wearing a size medium here and feel that I could also probably fit in to a large. Be sure to check the size chart before getting your own Transition elbow pads. 
  • Since the size medium pads did fit on the tighter side, especially at the cuff closest to the wrist, I decided to cut the bottom cuff off completely. The tight fit kept the pads in place but seemed to restrict some movement in my wrists. With this quick mod, they were dialed and I wear them every time I ride downhill. 

7iDP Transition Elbow Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

What's The Bottom Line?

These pads use a minimalistic approach without sacrificing protection. The impact hardening foam saved me plenty of times from walking away with banged up and scraped elbows. The compression fit kept the Transition elbow pads locked in to place without feeling too tight. After a few minutes, I forget that I even have these pads on and now they are just part of my regular routine of equipment!

About Me

Max Morgan is 25 years old, and lives in Brevard, North Carolina. Max grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and started racing downhill at the age of 15. He has now been racing professionally for the last 7 years, competing in the U.S. Pro GRT series and UCI World Cup series. Check out Max's rider spotlight here! 
Instagram: @mxmorgan77


Max Morgan Andorra World Cup

Max Morgan Wearing the 7iDP Transition Elbow Pads at the Andorra World Cup

September 05, 2017

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