Custom Yeti SB130 Build: Rider Review

Not much can compare to the joy that comes from buying a new bike. Whether it's your basic Wal-Mart bike or a top of the line full suspension bike, the excitement stays the same. In this review, our customer Cameron can hardly contain his excitement at the thought of his new Yeti arriving. Check out his adventure from order to delivery!

Yeti SB130 Rider Review


We start out in the fall jumping off my 2016 Santa Cruz Tallboy CC, fully custom. Essentially a dream build one might say for the time. Chris King bits were one might find them. Carbon wheels wrapped in Schwalbe shoes. I know tire choice can be such the debate. But really what works for you...the bottom line is stick with it. I love the old saying “If it ain’t broke why fix it!) Shimano XTR drivetrain and the all too well know dependability of Shimano XT brakes. So as the end of fall came along I decided to part ways with my cross country machine in favor of possibly something that truly would rule all trails, “Wherever I may roam! “ (homage to Metallica)! )!

Winter Has Come

Now we have surpassed the cool evenings and brisk mornings and have moved onto old man Motha!@#$% winter! I started to really pontificate on a new kind of rare beast. Known to roam the loam, and shred the gnar like no other being on planet earth could. Only something with such rarity and purity could be named king of the mountain bikes. And Yes through the winter woods an epiphany occurred! The tribe of the Yeti began to call loud and clear. So I accepted this call to uprise my inner beast.

With a few quick strokes on the keyboard with my gnarly paws, I mustered the dexterity to finger in the search bar, Yeti SB130 Frame. And low and behold A few options popped onto this technological device and said buy from this line of words. So I clicked and spotted exactly what I wanted, That magical uniyeti! She was sparkling and dazzling in the photo! I just had to have that sexy beast with its Switch infinity Technology. And It's progressive 65.5 mm head tube and 44 mm of fork rake. I just had to have.

Yeti SB130 Rider Review

Build Specs

So as I’m peeping out who I'm going to buy from well, there are no yeti dealers even close, with the exception of It was an easy drive and I would get the bike of my fantastical dreams. So I did it! Done! I bought a frame and now I have to build the ultimate build for real! So as all good customers do when they have been graced by the best online bike retailer in the whole world! The dude abides. And returns to purchase all his other little goodies for his stellar ride. So I proceeded to buy all the best goodies one could imagine. Fox GRIP2 36, Enve M7 bar and stem, Fox Transfer post, Sram XX1 drivetrain, Shimano XT 4piston brakes, and Chris King headset. Gonna be sick!

Delivery Day

So the day arrives when the giant box of parts,(and one pissed off Fedex Driver.) Now I finally get to build this bike into a dream. Immediately this baby is on its way to being delivered into this world with a whole life ahead of her! I hope to grace as many trails with her presence as possible! I hope all find this entertaining and hope to see you all out sending it!

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February 10, 2019

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