CushCore Tire Inserts: Rider Review

Are you a rider that is constantly dealing with punctures and flats? If so, it might be time to consider some tire inserts. CushCore tire inserts provide an extra layer of protection for those extra sketchy lines which usually result in wheel damage. In this review, our customer Katie kits out here Canyon with a set for the front and rear. Check it out!

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review 1


So for starters, I’m a recurrent rider in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. My current bikes are a Giant Trance SX and a Canyon Torque LTD. I’ve been riding in the mountains for about 6 years now and let me tell you about my favorite modification as of right now. As many already know, some of the best modifications are those unseen and these CushCore inserts are a must-have for any avid mountain biker! I thoroughly researched the benefits of these inserts before pulling the trigger and after countless rides, they have far exceeded my expectations. Pisgah was the ultimate proving ground and after years of lumbering through the rocky terrain, the CushCores made all the gnarly trails a breeze.

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review

What is CushCore?

Essentially, the CushCore is a dense foam insert that fills the air space between the tire and the rim. The benefits that convinced me to install these were to gain an even smoother ride than I already had and to provide additional protection for my carbon rims. I was skeptical at first, especially because the product is relatively new to the market and there is a slight weight gain with the CushCores. However, after my first outing with them installed, every single one of my doubts was swept away. They literally made my 2.4 tires feel like I was running 2.6 tires. Aside from acting as additional suspension, the CushCores also protect the wheels from damage caused by rocks and roots, especially when running lower pressures as I briefly mentioned previously. After putting the CushCores through their paces for over a month now, I can confidently add it is near impossible to cut a tire on rough terrain.

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review


The only downfall of the CushCores is the installation. Inserting the CushCore on the rim is fairly easy but adding the tire over the insert and into the center of the rim is the tricky part. Nevertheless, with time and patience, success will be the result.

First Impressions

When ordering the CushCores, there is the option of buying them singularly or both as a package. I use the inserts in both my front and rear tires, but some riders choose to use a single CushCore in their rear to save some weight. When I received the CushCores, it was to my surprise that they also came with specialized green anodized valve stems. They are a little longer than the average and are made specifically for use with the CushCores so air can easily be adjusted without the foam inserts being in the way.

CushCore Tire Inserts Rider Review

Final Thoughts

Not only would I recommend the CushCores over and over, but I would also recommend ordering them from Worldwide Cyclery. The customer service team is amazing and the shipping across the U.S. was incredibly fast. Their website is easy to navigate and very informative which made purchasing them a breeze.

10/10 for the CushCores and 10/10 for Worldwide Cyclery!

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January 22, 2019

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