CushCore Plus Tire Insert: Rider Review

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As riders get more and more aggressive, we have seen a jump in wheel destruction. Tire inserts like CushCore have helped save hundreds and thousands of wheels from the graveyard by offering an impact resistance before anything catastrophic happens to the rim. Saving riders money in the long run. Let's see how this customer liked it!

The People's Choice:

I had recently purchased a Commencal Meta HT AM Origin and I wanted to ensure that my back end had extra support since it is a hardtail. I was planning on going on a trip to Colorado to do some downhill riding and I wanted to make sure my bike could really take a beating. I was told by a friend that having a CushCore insert would make the ride more enjoyable and supple.

CushCore Tire Insert Review

I took his advice and went ahead and purchased the CushCore, and I was not disappointed with the results. The price tag is high but 100% worth it. I took my bike to Winter Park in Colorado and it performed so well! It did a great job soaking up most of the impacts from jumps and I was able to ride through rock gardens with more ease than I would have thought. The CushCore insert made my rides more stable, and it made riding more enjoyable.

Riding with the CushCore saved my rims from getting damaged and getting flats. Prior to purchasing my Commencal Meta HT AM Origin, I was riding a Specialized hardtail. The Specialized had tubes in the tires and I was constantly getting flats on rides. It also wasn’t taking impacts near as well as my current bike with the CushCore insert. Now I can ride and not worry about getting pinch flats or taking jumps with difficult terrain.


"I can say with certainty that I could not have successfully ridden the downhills at Winter Park without this insert. It’s a great addition to your mountain bike and I highly recommend purchasing!" - A Person

CushCore Tire Insert Review

April 27, 2020

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