CushCore Plus Tire Insert 27.5"+: Rider Review

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Ever want to run lower tire pressure while still protecting your rims and tires from dents and cuts? Well let's talk about the CushCore Plus Tire inserts, a foam insert you put in your tire that helps with both, lower air pressure as well as denting rims and cutting tires. Let's see what benefits our customer Robert got from installing the CushCore Plus Tires inserts 27.5" +


I recently purchased a CushCore Plus Tire Insert for 27.5"+ and 44mm valve stems for my rear wheel from Worldwide Cyclery for a great price. Liam from Worldwide Cyclery has a pretty nice explaining the install and pros about CushCore. I purchased CushCore because I was constantly puncturing my tires out on the trails and having to walk my bike back to the trailhead five miles away. Plus every time my tire pinched flatted, I ran the chance of ruining my tire or worse my wheel. Through Worldwide Cyclery reviews I found out that this could be easily corrected and potentially avoid costly repairs and preventing me to have hike back to the trailhead instead of riding. If you watch all of the reviews everyone is stressing the install but, my experience with the installation is the same as anything you try to install on your bike for the first time is challenging. But, with a little patience, sweat and no tears it went on pretty easy. Just follow the instructions or videos that are available on the Worldwide Cyclery website.

CushCore Plus Tire Insert

The weight difference is negligible. Truthfully, I did not notice a difference in the weight during my rides. Climbing with the CushCore on lose terrain felt the rear tire very sturdy and one with the ground. It is immediately noticeable while riding that the extra cush and stability are present with the added CushCore. Just today I hit an arroyo where I had a previous pinch flatted at full speed and it felt so great. No rim ding sound what so ever, the CushCore worked and did its job as described and then some. Before CushCore for years I rode with 15 psi and would repeatedly bottom out, but with CushCore, not a problem.

On December 7, 2019, I took a ride on a trail riddled jagged rock and many small arroyos were you can easily get pinch flats if you're riding fast. This was the first time riding this trail with CushCore. Prior to CushCore, I was very hesitant to hit the arroyos fast, because of past pinch flats experiences. Today, I hit the arroyos fast and consistent and full of confidence. I got to tell you it feels nice to have that extra confidence, knowing that CushCore is going to protect my tires against those jagged rocks.

CushCore Plus Tire Insert

Final Thoughts:

Not one time have heard that notorious rim sound, I also did not have to stop to make sure my tire or rim was damaged. One thing I do regret is not purchasing the front CushCore. My logic for purchasing one CushCore insert, was because I was only getting rear flats. My friend bought the pair and he said that the front is so great and feels so awesome on the downhill and switchbacks. Live and learn, I highly recommend this product for both tires it will change your riding experience as it did mine

 CushCore Plus Tire Insert

January 11, 2020

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