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Having the right tires can make a world of difference on your bike. Whether its something tough so you aren't stopping to repair flats, something with tons of grip or fast rolling so you can win the race. There is a tire out there for every type of condition it seems. Read on to learn what our friend Andrew chose for his current tire setup.


What better place to test out a fresh set of tires than the Captain Ahab and Hymasa trails in Moab! This setup went on a Chromag Rootdown and they were both set up tubless on Reynolds TR 309 carbon rims. I run 30 psi in both the front and rear with Orange Seal sealant.

Maxxis Tire Review


Setup was relatively painless. I have been running EXO casings, but for this round of tires I thought I'd try something a little burlier. The EXO casing hadn't been giving me any problems on my last few tires. Due to the thicker casings, it took a little more effort to get the tires on the rims and sealed up. I did have to use a compressor on both. The Double down casing felt significantly more substantial than the EXO and even the EXO+.


The performance for this setup was pretty much what I expected. The DHF up front had good grip on both the slickrock of Moab and any loose over hard or sandy conditions we rode through. The aggressor in the rear isn't the fastest rolling rear tire, but I think it strikes a good balance of rolling well while still offering great traction. The double down casing in the rear did feel stiffer and like it wasn't conforming to the terrain as well as a more supple casing.

Maxxis Tire Review


I've run the aggressor as a rear tire for a while and I really like how it performs. It offers great grip and traction and rolls well. When it does break free it's predictable and controlled. I had been running a Vittoria Goma upfront on both my bikes and really happy with the performance. The DHF does seem to offer more grip with the taller knobs and while it doesn't feel like a true 2.5 it has good volume. For a trail/all-mountain set-up in the western US (Utah and Nevada) the DHF/Aggressor combo is tough to beat.

Final Thoughts:

I was really impressed with both tires. The different casings warrant some discussion. When I took the old aggressor EXO casing off my bike the sidewall felt flimsy after handling both the EXO+ and the DoubleDown. I'm almost surprised I haven't torn more EXO sidewalls with all the rocky riding in Southern Nevada. The DoubleDown felt burly and if I was constantly tearing sidewalls or having other issues the doubledown would boost my confidence the tire durability. The EXO+ seemed like the goldilocks of the three different casings. It still felt more substantial than the EXO, but wasn't as stiff as the Double Down. When it comes time to replace any of my tires, EXO+ seems like the way to go.

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January 10, 2020

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