Box Components 7 Speed Downhill Drivetrain - Product Overview

Box Components first came in to the mountain bike world with their Box ONE 11 speed drivetrain system designed specifically for all mountain and enduro riding. After a year of success with the 1x enduro specific groupset, Box Components has expanded their lineup adding the Box ONE DH drivetrain. The compact 7 speed downhill specific drivetrain is built from the ground up to meet the needs of downhill racing and is offered at an affordable price. 

Box has also announced a lifetime warranty on all of their products regardless of the failure! This is unheard of in the drivetrain world. If you snag your derailleur on a rock and it breaks, Box will replace it for free! That is incredible. 

Box Components 7 Speed DH Drivetrain - Worldwide Cyclery

Box ONE DH Derailleur

Box Components 7 Speed DH Drivetrain - Worldwide Cyclery

  • This groupset is built around the 7 speed short cage derailleur. Box utilizes the same patent pending Pivot Tech that works to prevent damage in the event of crashes or trail-side impacts through the use of a spring loaded cable stop.
  • A new Tri-Pack Clutch system keeps the chain tensioned properly and is housed in a carbon fiber/nylon composite body. 
  • The new 7 speed derailleur will retail for $174.99.

    Box ONE DH Shifter

    Box Components 7 Speed DH Drivetrain - Worldwide Cyclery

    • The 7 speed shifter now uses a traditional two paddle design instead of their previeous PushPush system. One shift paddle is used to upshift and another to downshift. 
    • The Box One DH Shifter features a grooved lever for superb tactile feel and a removable lightweight clamp.
    • It is best paired with the Box One DH Rear Derailleur and Box Two Cassette.
    • All aftermarket shifters will include a low friction derailleur cable, ensuring crisp, accurate shifts.
    • The new 7 speed shifter uses the same 11 speed spacing found on their other drivetrain groupsets. This means that all Box Components 11 speed chains are designed to work with the 7 speed DH drivetrain.

    Box TWO DH Cassette 

    Box Components 7 Speed DH Drivetrain - Worldwide Cyclery

    • See the new 7 speed Box TWO DH cassette side by side the Box TWO 11-46 cassette.
    • Integrated spoke guard will keep your chain from throwing itself into the spokes if the derailleur is set up improperly.  
    • 11-24 cassette with a tight range cluster is ideal for downhill racing. 
    • The cog spacing remains the same with the 7 speed cassette, meaning any of Box Components 11 speed chain are compatible
    • The new 7 speed DH cassette will retail for $49.99.


    Box Components - Worldwide Cyclery

    October 09, 2017

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