Velocity A23 Pro Build Wheelset: Customer Review

Marianne Brems sent over this Review for the Velocity A23 Pro Build Wheelset. Let’s take a look!

Velocity A23Pro Build Wheelset Review


These Velocity Pro road wheels with CX-Ray spokes have a wonderful silky smooth ride. I think the 23mm rims really do offer a noticeable improvement in ride quality over 21mm rims. Velocity says that the wider rims cause the sidewalls to be flatter and this profile means lower rolling resistance, better handling, and a slightly larger contact patch compared to standard 21mm rims. As near as I can tell all of these things are true. The only down side is that tires are somewhat difficult to install and remove.

I think another contributing factor to the excellent handling is the offset flanges of the rear hub which allows the wheel to be completely symmetrical. Well done, Velocity!

Velocity A23 Pro Build Wheelset Review

Final Thoughts

I am also pleased that Velocity has a lifetime warranty on all their wheels. This is especially meaningful to me because I have had problems with cracking rims at the spoke holes. No one seems to know why this happens because I weigh only 140 pounds and I am not an aggressive rider, but over the years I have cracked six rims from three different manufacturers. Velocity says that the off center drilling on the rear rim allows for higher spoke tension, strength, and reliability so I am hopeful that these rims will last a good long time. The spoke count is 20 radially laced front, and 24 spokes laced radial / two cross in the rear. The weight is a claimed 1400 grams. Nice.

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October 08, 2017

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