7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pad: Rider Review

I’ve been looking for a set of kneepads to augment my POC Joint VPD 2.0s for a little while now. While the POCs provide great protection and are pedal-able, they aren’t the most comfortable things for all day pedal-heavy rides. Mostly due to the warmth factor, but they’re a tad on the bulky side as well. I’ll continue to run them for park/shuttle days but wanted something a little lighter for the majority of my riding – which generally includes a fair amount of pedaling. I picked up a pair of G-Form Elite Knee Guards, but the size chart put me in a size XL which slips down annoyingly – and they might be a little thin for a fall of North Shore woodwork to rock. I needed something in between, that would stay up and be comfortable all day.

7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pad Review

Enter the 7iPD Sam Hill Knee Pads. These were reviewed well by a variety of different websites and e-zines and looked to be just what the doctor ordered. Shipping from Worldwide Cyclery was fast, and they were priced fairly.

First impressions:

these things are LONG! I had read that the upper sleeve came up pretty high, but I was still surprised at just how high they came on my leg. Granted I’m short (29” inseam) but the tops of these things sit higher than the bottom of my boxers. Still, they’re plenty comfortable and the silicone? gripper on both sides ensures that they stay put. Once they’re on I haven’t noticed them move at all. I do find that due to the cold temperature outside I need to flex the knee armor a bit to soften them up before putting them on, but once they’re on and positioned properly they’re very comfortable. Time will tell if I feel the same way in August, but for now, they’re awesome to pedal in. I also roll my socks up over the bottom part of the sleeve, just to protect it from errant branches and pedal pins as the lycra material aren’t quite as robust as some other pads on the market.

7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pad Review

I haven’t taken a hard fall in these to date but did a few “test drops” on the hardwood in my house and they felt good. I’ve also had a couple of minor crashes where I might have otherwise bruised a bit but escaped with no damage. I like the extra padding around the sides that the Sam Hill version offers and feel that any additional warmth from that is worth it when I hit the deck. While I haven’t had the chance to wear them in warm temps, compared to the POCs they’re significantly cooler and definitely more comfortable to pedal. Washing them is as easy as tossing them in the washing machine and then putting them out to dry.


"Overall I think these are a great option for anyone looking for a midweight kneepad that pedals well but still offers a good degree of protection."Khai Lee

7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pad Review

May 14, 2019

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