Deity Racepoint Handlebars Review

Deity has just introduced an all new lineup of 35mm bore handlebars, all on a mission to redefine the stigma around the large clamp diameter handlebar. Deity has added 5 new 35mm bore handlebars and again strengthens their complete lineup of products. The Deity Racepoint handlebar is Deity's aluminum offering intended for downhill/enduro use and come in multiple rise options. We are all big fans of Deity for both their top of the line performance and rad styling. We were all excited to get some downhill laps on the all new Racepoint handlebars. Our downhill guru Max Morgan will certainly put these bars to the test. Check it out!

Deity Racepoint Handlebars Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Racepoint Handlebar Specifications

The original need for 35mm bore handlebars stemmed from riders wanting wider and wider handlebars. As handlebar widths approached 800mm wide, a few different manufacturers introduced the new standard in an attempt to bring a strong and wide handlebar to the market. Many people have complained that 35mm bore handlebars are too stiff and make the trail feel harsh. Deity has spent the last 3 years developing a lineup of 35mm bore handlebars that are designed to absorb vibration and deflect just the right amount, giving you an unmatched feel of the trail. 

Deity Racepoint Handlebars - Worldwide Cyclery

Deity Racepoint Handlebars Review - Worldwide Cyclery

The Setup

Max has the Deity Racepoint handlebars mounted up on his Santa Cruz V10 29er. Here in this test, Max is running the 25mm rise option and has cut 15mm off each end of the handlebar for a 780mm wide bar. Max's V10 is outfitted with Fox suspension front and rear, Industry Nine Grade 300 wheels, Maxxis DHR II tires, and Galfer rotors and pads. Max has been riding his V10 at Windrock Bike Park this winter preparing for the World Cup season.

Max Morgan V10

Riding and Performance

Deity claims that their new Racepoint 35mm oversized handlebars have flex and deflection characteristics similar to their Blacklabel 31.8 handlebars and I think that is exactly spot on. The Racepoint handlebars did not feel too stiff what so ever. They actually gave me a great feel on the bike. When your handlebars are too stiff, every bump on the trail becomes exaggerated and all the sudden it feels like you are riding with 50 psi in you tire. If your bar are too compliant, you run the risk of them failing, and that is just dangerous. Deity has done a great job I think balancing both stiffness and flex, giving you a bar that you can trust when it's time to send it but also lets your feel the trail underneath your tires.

I've ridden the Blacklabel handlebars in the past, which also feature a 9x5 bend, but the Racepoint bars felt to me like they had a bit less backsweep. The backsweep felt like it was almost somewhere in between the 9 degrees you would find on the Blacklabel and the 8 degree backsweep on the Deity BF800 handlebar. It didn't take much to install the Racepoint handlebars and get them rolled just right in the stem. Having comfort in your setup only makes you more confident out on the trail. 

The overall fit and finish on these bars is top notch. I'm a big fan of the two tone graphics and especially the new bronze colorway! They just look rad and there is a different colorway for everyone's style. If you want something to go under the radar, go with the stealth finish. If you want to match your new Yeti, check out their Turquoise finish. One negative I found with these particular bars is that when I measured exactly 15mm from the end of the handlebar, it didn't exactly line up with the 780mm cut mark. Even though the graphics were only off by 1-2mm on each side, be sure to measure before you cut. 

Deity Racepoint Handlebars - Worldwide Cyclery

What's The Bottom Line?

With rumors that 35mm bore handlebars are way too stiff, I was a bit reluctant to try Deity's new 35mm aluminum handlebars. I was pleasantly surprised that the Deity Racepoint handlebars proved me wrong. The handlebars hit the sweet spot and balance both strength and flex, giving you the confidence to send it but also a great feel of the trail beneath you. I'm a fan Deity's styling and graphics, especially that new bronze colorway. I think I want to give the Skywire handlebars a look next!

Check out Deity's full lineup of new handlebars and stems!

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About Me

Max Morgan - Worldwide CycleryMax Morgan is 26 years old, and lives in Brevard, North Carolina. Max grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and started racing downhill at the age of 15. He has now been racing professionally for the last 9 years, competing in the UCI World Cup series and U.S. Pro GRT series. To learn more about Max, check out Max's rider spotlight here! 
Instagram: @mxmorgan77 


May 15, 2019

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