Downhill Isn't Dead

Rider Specs:

Name: Drew Scheffler
Bikes Currently Riding: Devinci Wilson
Favorite Type of Riding: Downhill
Experience Level: Intermediate
Riding Background: Motocross. BMX racing. Downhill MTB. XC/AM.

When I decided to build up a new bike for myself, I knew that I wanted to build up a Devinci Wilson. I started building it up in December of 2015 and since California really doesn't have an off season, the winter time is actually best time to ride!  I had worked on and ridden a few Wilson’s before and just love how the bike feels and reacts. For my custom build, I spec'd my bike with RaceFace cranks, bars, BB, and chainring. The reason I chose Raceface is because they really have epic parts that not only last a long time but perform great! Not to mention they are pretty eye-catching. For my drivetrain and brakes I chose to go with Shimano. I have ridden Shimano since day one and have been a big fan. I like the snappy feel of their breaks and the crisp feel of their shifters and derailleurs. As for my wheels, I went with Spank wheels. I had never ridden a Spank product before, but so far I have been very pleased with how the wheels have held up. For my tires, Maxxis is always a great choice; we run Maxxis on all of our demo bikes and personal bikes here at Worldwide Cyclery and love how they grab the terrain.

Devinci Wilson - Worldwide Cyclery

 As I was building up my bike, a lot of people were giving me a hard time saying how "downhill is dead," but downhill is far from dead! I myself love downhill and have a lot of friends who are die hard downhill riders as well. Since most of the local trails here in Southern California aren't able to be shuttled, that does drive people more towards riding all-mountain (since hiking a beast up a mountain for an hour does suck). There are still a lot of riders that think nothing is more fun than being able to hit massive features and smash through gnarly rock sections with ease and at high speeds We have a good amount of local DH trails out here like Suicide, G-Spot, Flag Mountain as well as some awesome resorts like Snow Summit, Mammoth, and Northstar Bike Park. So for all the downhill haters, downhill is NOT dead!     

Devinci Wilson - Worldwide Cyclery

Devinci Wilson - Worldwide Cyclery

February 16, 2016

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