5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products - February Edition! [Video]


It's the time of the month when Jeff goes down under to show our top products for the month of February. These are our top products that we see going out our doors and you guys are riding out on the trails.

DMR Brendog Death Grip:

Top 5 Products February - DMR Brendog Death Grips

First up is the DMR Death Grip, famously designed by Mr. Brendog himself. This grip offers some great features and is available in so many different versions. To start, there are flanged and flangeless version of this grip, which is something not too many mountain bike lock on grips offer. Along with that, it’s offered in two different thicknesses, Thin at 29.8 or Thick at 31.3 in both flange and flangeless. All of the above mentioned grip varieties are also available in a soft (20A) or a hard (25K) compound. There is also one last version to talk about before I get into the design of this grip, which is a special “Race Edition” that is an extra soft race compound, in flangeless only but optionally thin or thick. The Race Edition only comes in black, whereas all other models are available in a plethora of colors: black, orange, camo, blue, red, yellow, gum, snow camo, grey, and pink. If that isn’t an information overload about grips, we haven’t even talked about the design yet!

Top 5 Products February - DMR Brendog Death Grips

The grip features an inner classic mushroom ring pattern that comes out just over an inch from the inner lockring, and provides great comfort to the inner palm. It's also nice to feel exactly where your hand is without having to look if things get slippery. The rest of the grip features a knurl pattern, most commonly run up top, with a waffle pattern on the other side. Waffle patterns have been around for a long time and are also seen in motocross grips. This is because it creates great traction for your fingers to grip onto no matter the condition. The grip’s tube features a tapered design so it takes a good whack from something to get them fully on, but that allows for a single clamp. It also allows the rubber of the grip to flow over the end creating a comfortable end to the grip for the edge of the palm. While I have tried all of these combinations, I found myself really liking the Race Edition in the Thick version. The Race Edition is quite a bit softer than the traditional soft, making it easy to run with or without gloves. For my preference, the Soft feels great with gloves and is currently what is on my bike. For under $20, this grip is very hard to beat!

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Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit: Toolbox with 10 Pieces

Top 5 Products February - Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

  • 1 liter bio-degradable bike cleaner
  • 500 ml Bike Protect
  • 50 ml bio-wet lube chain lube
  • 250 ml drivetrain cleaner
  • Luxury microfiber
  • Microcell sponge
  • Detailing brush
  • Soft washing brush
  • Two prong brush
  • Claw brush
  • Heavy duty parts washer storage bin

As this Muc-Off cleaning kit has so many parts, I really wanted to make sure I got them all listed. This is a great kit that covers all parts of cleaning your bike. this kit gets it done, especially during the winter, when some really deep bike cleaning is needed. Not only does it clean the bike, but the Muc-Off Bike Protect helps keep the dirt from coming back so thick. I mean, is there anything nicer than a super clean and detailed bike?… Yea exactly.

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SRAM Eagle AXS & RockShox Reverb AXS

Top 5 Products February - SRAM AXS & Reverb

As SRAM just released earlier this month the new AXS line (pronounced Access), we have to mention it as the orders have been flying in to get some of the first kits to hit the US. We have a full overview of the two so I’ll keep it light here. The new SRAM Eagle AXS will be available in a full 5 piece kit for now (Remote, Derailleur, Crankset, Chain and Cassette), and both XX1 and X01 versions are available. Running $2,000 for the XX1 and $1,900 for the X01, SRAM said these are both top tier components. XX1 is mostly for XC and light trail, whereas X01 is for trail and enduro use. Did I mention these are electronic and wireless?!? Along with the drivetrain, Rockshox offers the Reverb AXS dropper seatpost, which is also electronically activated and wireless. So by using both the drivetrain and seatpost, you are left with a front and rear brake cable. No more messy cables!  The Reverb retails for $800. We are really stoked to see this innovation and can't wait to see more of this product.

Top 5 Products February - SRAM AXS & Reverb AXS

Top 5 Products February - SRAM Eagle AXS  & Reverb AXS

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SRAM XG-1150 11 Speed 10-42T Cassette XD (GX)

Top 5 Products February - SRAM GX 11 speed 10-42t cassette XD

Top 5 Products February - SRAM GX 11 speed 10-42t cassette XD

We’re jumping back in time a bit here with this one (joking, 11 speed is still rad, ask Jeff). A very popular product is the SRAM XG-1150 cassette. This cassette features a 10-42t range and works only with an XD driver body. This is a great replacement for your existing cassette. If you haven’t replaced your cassette in awhile, you should maybe check how that guy looks. Along with that, make sure to also replace you chain at the same time. Replacing your chain often can make a cassette last a long time, but no matter what kind of preventative maintenance you perform, they wear out. And when they do, the SRAM XG-1150 GX cassette is a great option to go with. Sitting nicely in the mid range of cassettes, it goes for $110.40, so it doesn’t break your bank and empty your pockets.

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Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheelset

Top 5 Products February - Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheelset

Last, but most certainly not least in our eyes, is the Industry Nine Enduro 305 wheelset. This is an all-time shop favorite for aftermarket wheels, and you could find a few employees riding one at any given time. I9 makes an amazing wheelset from all aspects. The hubs feature a 120 point engagement hub, that has an amazing addicting sound. If you have never ridden a higher engagement hub before, I highly suggest you try one, but just be warned that once you do, you will never be able to go back. So that is a double edge sword. Beyond that, I9 has a special spoke that features machined alloy, which not only looks great but provides a stiff ride feel that makes aluminum rims feel great. The last part is that their aluminum rims are stiff without being rigid, and on this wheelset are 30.5mm internal width. This seems to be the most settled rim width for trail and enduro bikes, making a great tire profile from 2.3-2.6 tires.

Top 5 Products February - Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheelset

We do have many full reviews on this wheelset, and also a video, so check that out for full details. Two other things I need to mention is the custom color options, and the fact that they are made in North Carolina, USA. We have said it before, but it will never get old, we love supporting handmade parts in the USA. Back to the custom color option, Industry Nine offers custom colors for both the hubs and spokes. On their site they have the AnoLab, where you can play around with color options and easily get lost in designing different wheelsets. I’m not sorry, it’s very satisfying. These wheels start at $1,255 for stock colors and a bit more for custom colors.

Top 5 Products February - Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheelset

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That’s it for our February Top 5 products. As we said, these are what YOU guys are buying most and riding out on the trails. Now stop reading, get out and ride your bike and wear out some parts!

February 28, 2019

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