RockShox SID/Reba Full Service Kit: Rider Review

Suspension service and rebuilds are one of the most important parts of maintaining a high-quality ride. As we exit the offseason, now is a good time to make sure everything is ready to go for a what we hope will be a long riding season. In this rider review, our friend Ben Hammond goes over the full-service kit he purchased and the difference it made to his ride. Check it out below!


Today I'm looking back on my purchase of some Sram Butter, Rockshox 15wt shock oil, and a rebuild kit for my REBA solo air shock. 

When I went to purchase all the things necessary to rebuild my fork I knew what I needed as far as the oils and grease but I was unsure of the exact rebuild kit I would need to make sure I had all the pieces to completely rebuild the fork (not just a lower leg service and dust seals). So I asked the guys at Worldwide Cyclery to tell me based on my serial number. I got an email back within an hour with the links and everything for the proper one to get. So don't just try to find one that looks similar, ask and you will get answers.

RockShox Reba Full Service Kit Rider Review - Service


After receiving all my parts necessary for the rebuild I went through everything. Talk about organization with the fork kit. Everything was labeled and in separate bags exactly as it was in the pictures (which I have found to be untrue of other sites I've ordered from). It was all there and ready for me to tear into my fork.

RockShox Reba Full Service Kit Rider Review - PartsEverything fit perfectly and was to factory specs from RockShox and the oil worked great. The Sram Butter was fantastic. The grease has a nice friction point so it's not too thick or too thin.

Final Thoughts

Once I got back on the trails, I could feel a difference right away. It was spectacular!! I kicked myself for not rebuilding it sooner. Everything worked perfectly. The fork rode smoothly through everything it seemed like.

Absolutely amazing customer service as always and fantastic products!

RockShox Reba Full Service Kit Rider Review

February 28, 2019

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