2018 Fox Shox Float X2 Metric Rear Shock: Customer Review

For those looking to upgrade their rear shock to something a bit beefier, the Fox Float X2 is a solid choice. As the go-to shock for many EWS racers, it has been proven on the toughest terrain imaginable yet still functions flawlessly. In this review, our customer Andrea swaps out Rockshox for Fox and goes with a Fox Float X2 230x60 for a Santa Cruz Nomad. Check it out!

Fox Float X2 Metric Rear Shock


I purchased the Fox Float X2 rear shock as a replacement to the existing shock on my 2018 Nomad. The bike came equipped with a Rockshox Super Deluxe R which, although it offered great small bump compliance and support in the mid-stroke, had the tendency to bottom out over higher drops and did not have a lockout.

The Santa Cruz Nomad, contrary to public belief, is actually a decent climber. Keep in mind that I said “decent”! There are bikes out there that climb better, but the Super Deluxe R and its inability to lock out was definitely a disadvantage.

After contacting Santa Cruz and searching the forums I decided to go for the Fox Float X2. The Fox shock was appealing for many reasons: first, it has a lockout lever to optimize climbing performance. The lever is easy to reach from a seated position…..I just wish it had a reminder to unlock itself when you start going downhill, LOL. The shock also allows you to adjust High and Low compression, as well as High and Low rebound, making it one of the most tunable options out there. The Kashima coating looks amazing and I am pleased overall with the way it looks.

Fox Float X2 Metric Rear Shock


But how does it perform? After following the instructions on the first setup, I went for a ride to test it out. Immediately, I could feel that it was plusher in the initial stroke and allowed the rear triangle to absorb noise from the trail and keep the wheel glued to the ground. The mid stroke is very playful and makes the bike feel poppier. I am still tuning low-speed compression to avoid using over 90% of my travel when I compress it, while still keeping the bike plush. This, for me, is a real fine tuning procedure because I am a heavy rider. The great thing about the shock is that it allows me to make fine tune adjustments and improve my ride quality.

The VPP suspension of the Nomad has the shock mounted to the bottom linkage. The rear triangle moves around two links that rotate in a clockwise and counterclockwise fashion. Because of this, it is very sensitive to small bumps and requires a shock that has the ability to keep up with it. This is especially important when braking. Poor response from a shock while braking would start packing the shock and force the rear triangle upwards. The result of this would be very poor braking performance. The Fox Float X2 is outstanding from this point of view. It is plush and allows the rear triangle to do its job in any situation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Fox Float X2 is an upgrade in every sense. It offers great compliance and tunability and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about making the purchase.

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June 15, 2018

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