Sedona MTB Festival

Getting out more and riding new spots is one of the goals here for all of us at Worldwide Cyclery, so when we heard about the Sedona MTB Festival, we knew it would be a great opportunity to ride some epic trails and meet likeminded people who love to ride mountain bikes. A couple of us from the shop packed up our gear and made the trek out to Arizona to see what Sedona had to offer - I can tell you this, we were NOT disappointed! Everything from riding some of the most epic trails around, meeting new people in the industry, and promoting our shop to an awesome group of riders made for a great weekend.

Sedona MTB Festival - Worldwide Cyclery

We started off our trip by heading over to the festival and making our rounds and checking out all the booths such as Yeti, Devinci, Industry Nine, Rockshox/Sram, and many more. It was really cool to see how stoked everyone was just to be hanging out in such an epic bike community. Once we made the rounds, it was time to hop in the saddle and explore what Sedona had to offer. 

Sedona MTB Festival - Worldwide Cyclery

Before we went on our ride we were pretty unsure of how the terrain was going to be, all we knew was that we were about to have a unreal day of riding. It didn't take more than 100 yards on the trail for us to realize that we had some amazing adventures in store for us. We had four different bikes that we had brought out - we came equipped with a Yeti SB4.5C, a Yeti SB6C, a Devinci Spartan, as well as an Evil bike frame, and all of them were put to the test for sure. As the day went on and the more riding we did, all the Worldwide Cyclery guys were so stoked on the terrain, the atmosphere and everything else about Sedona. The Yeti SB4.5C was a killer bike to have on most of the trails out there and climbed and held speed extremely well, but it was a little under-gunned on the more gnarly trails like Hangover, or Slim Shady, but the 6 inch travel Spartan and SB6C were dominating the downhills and real rough unexpected sections. No matter what bike you are on or what skill level you are at, Sedona has trails for everyone that will have you riding away with the biggest smile on your face for sure. 

Sedona MTB Festival - Worldwide Cyclery

To say the least we were all extremely pleased with our trip to the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, and we know everyone else out there seemed to be just as enthusiastic as we were. So make sure to get that one on your bucket list to get out and ride the Arizona desert, you won’t regret it. 

March 11, 2016

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