Top 5 Favorite Race Face Products

Here at Worldwide Cyclery, we are huge fans of Race Face! When you come to our shop, almost every bike we have here on the showroom floor is spec'd with at least one Race Face product. The reason behind this is simple - the guys over at Race Face are truly focused not only on making some of best looking products but also the best performing and most reliable. 

Everyone here at the shop rides so we have spent a good amount of time in the saddle trying out a lot of the different products that Race Face has to offer. We love all of their products, but here is a list of our top 5 favorite Race Face products:

Race Face Next SL Cranks: If you are thinking of upgrading to a new set of carbon cranks, look no further than the Race Face Next SL Cranks. These cranks are hands down our favorite crankset and they happen to be the lightest (less than a pound) on the market today. So how does Race Face produce such a lightweight crankset? Simple, really: just get rid of unnecessary material. The crank arms are constructed of high quality carbon and are completely hollow. With the Cinch platform and 30mm alloy spindle, these cranks are compatible with most frames on the market today. A variety of colors and the ability to accept endless chainring combinations make the Race Face Next SL Crankset the way to go if you are in the market for new cranks. Lightweight, stiff, and extremely good looking – click here to get a set today!

Race Face Next SL Crankset - Worldwide Cyclery

Race Face Next SL Crank

Race Face Next Carbon Handlebar: Nothing can change the feel of the cockpit more than a set of handlebars. Our go to bars for most custom builds and personal bikes here at the shop are the Race Face Next Carbon bars. These handlebars are extremely light and have a great feel to them on the trail. There is very little vibration and the bars are extremely forgiving, even through the choppy stuff. They come in a 31.8mm diameter as well as a 35mm and different rises to suit various styles of riding. We have logged many rides with these bars (some of us going over the bars on occasion) and these things are holding up just fine! Click here to pick up our favorite handlebars!

Race Face Next Carbon Handlebar - Worldwide Cyclery

Race Face Next Carbon Bars

RaceFace Turbine and Atlas Stem: Along with Race Face Next handlebars, we love to combo them with either the Race Face Turbine Stem or the Race Face Atlas Stem. The Turbine stem comes in either a 31.8mm or 35mm bar clamp diameter. Constructed of aerospace 7075 aluminum alloy, this stem, like most Race Face products, is extremely stiff and lightweight. One feature of the Turbine stem that we love is the 6 degree stem angle which allows you to run it in two different positions. Whether you ride XC or Enduro, this is a great stem that will make you feel right at home in the saddle. Click here to check out the Turbine stem.

For those that like to run a 35mm length stem, we recommend the Race Face Atlas stem. It is a little beefier than the Turbine stem, but this sleek stem is crafted beautifully! It isn’t as light as the Turbine stem since it is geared more towards enduro/DH riding, but don’t let that fool you. You can slap this stem on any bike and enjoy it! Click here to scope the Atlas Stem.

Race Face Atlas Stem

Race Face Stem

Race Face Crank Boots: Nothing fancy here, just a product that does exactly what it is designed to do: protect your cranks. Race Face makes two different sizes, small and large, each fitting a variety of different cranks. They come in a variety of colors as well if matching colors on your bike fancies you!

Small crank boots fit:

Race Face: Turbine Cinch, Turbine, Atlas, Evolve, and Ride cranks                      

SRAM: X1 Alloy, X9, X7, X5, S1400, S1000, S800 cranks

Shimano: XT, SLX, Deore cranks

Large crank boots fit:

Race Face: Next/Next SL, SIXC, and Respond cranks

Sram: XX and XO cranks

Shimano: Saint cranks

Click here to get some new Race Face Crank boots on your cranks now!

Race Face Crank Boots - Worldwide Cyclery

Race Face Crank Boots

Race Face Chester Pedals: The Chester pedals just hit the market and have been one of our top selling bike pedal parts in the last month! These nylon composite flat pedals have a large yet thin platform which offers great grip at a fraction of the weight, and price! For those that don’t clip in, these the Race Face Chester Pedals should be your go to shredders. Click here to grab a new set of Chester’s!

Race Face Chester Pedals - Worldwide Cyclery

Race Face Chester Pedals

March 01, 2016

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