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Trail One: The Mission

Welcome Trail One Components! The idea to start a mountain bike component brand came to Jeff Cayley and Brian Kennedy one day, but they wanted it to be different, more in depth and with a story. They wanted something that not only makes premium level, unique components, but also has a story to tell by supporting the amazing trails that we all love. So to do that, Trail One will be setting aside $1 from every product sold to give back to the trail stewardships and mountain bike clubs that build and maintain great trails. If a product is named after a particular trail system, that's where the $1 per product donation will go. If the product doesn't have a trail system associated with it, the $1 will go into the Trail One Treasury and be awarded to another trail system in need.

Trail One Components

Not only does Trail One Components look to support trails, making great riding products that also look incredible is a priority. Take the Rockville Stem and Hell’s Gate Grips, for instance. Both look great, and help you feel great while supporting those trail networks. The Trail One name came about for a few different reasons. Firstly, we give back $1 to the namesake trails for every product we sell. Secondly, everyone is always looking for that one trail, the best of the best. And finally, it also harkens back to the first trail you rode that unlocked the magic of mountain biking.

Trail One CTrail One Components

In addition to giving back to the trails, Trail One will be creating “The List'', a type of Michelin Guide for mountain biking. It’s an ongoing and growing list of trails around the world that combine awesome locations and incredible scenery, with overviews of the type of terrain and the overall good time that these trails provide.


Would you rather buy from a friend or a faceless company? Documenting the journey will be Trail One’s focus, not a footnote. Companies are just people, and people always have a story to tell. The success of Jeff’s online bike shop (Worldwide Cyclery) and Brian’s YouTube channel (BKXC) prove that there is still room for contrarian thinking in the bike industry. Trail One Components wants to build a team of people that can see how the mainstream is faltering and give mountain bikers the products they deserve. Check out more on their About Us.

Trail One Components

Who is Behind Trail One?

Who helped turn these ideas into products? Well, first there is Jeff Cayley, founder and CEO of Worldwide Cyclery. He knows a thing or two about starting a business and listening to industry trends. Jeff brings the vision and execution to Trail One.

Trail One Components

Then there is Brian Kennedy, who has a large and growing Youtube channel where he travels around the world looking for some of the best trails to ride. With Brian’s Youtube channel, he will bring Trail One vital outreach and storytelling by documenting trails he rides. To take things a step further, he will visit trails after Trail One has donated from sales to see how the trails have been improved.

Next, we have Colm O’Kane, the design and engineering wizard. During his Bioengineering PhD research, he developed a novel software system that helps surgeons design custom replacement joints for patients from their MRI scans. Colm also spent quite a bit of time in Vancouver working for RaceFace, where he helped develop the carbon fiber technology behind the Next line of carbon cranksets. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about making lightweight, bulletproof bicycle products.

Trail One Components

The final part of the puzzle is Liam Woods who helps with the development and testing of products and making sure the behind the scenes part of Trail One runs smoothly. Having worked in the bicycle industry for 10+ years, being a bike nerd would be putting it lightly. From industry trends to designs, Liam helps fill in the gaps for Trail One.

Hell's Gate Grips ($27)

Trail One Components Hell's Gate Grips

The first product designed by Trail One was the Hell’s Gate Grips. We started with features on other grips that worked well but then made a few changes to create a grip that really works best for our needs. The Hell’s Gate Grip features a slightly thicker diameter at 30.5mm with a 132mm length and a durometer of A20, meaning it is super soft yet durable. Some of the notable features are the top “pads” that fit nicely into your palms to help create more comfort and traction. There are also perpendicular ridges on the bottom, which help your fingers get more traction while riding over rough terrain. The end of the grip has a raised edge which gives you a tactile indicator of the end of the grip, plus support you can push into during hard cornering. The inside of the grip has raised ribs to also support the web of your hand and make sure your hand sits on the middle of the grip. There is a single clamp on the inside and thanks to the tapered core these do not come loose or give you the terrifying “throttle grip”. At $27, you get a unique set of grips that are comfy and help support the trails.

Trail One Components Hell's Gate Grips

Rockville Stem - Made in California ($135)

Trail One Components Rockville Stem

The Rockville stem is, to put it bluntly, a work of art. The made in California stem is machined and anodized by a local fabrication shop that makes parts for the medical industry. Then the etching is done down in Los Angeles. Not only does having the stem made in California make it unique, but the looks, angles and graphics make it stand out as well. With small graphics on the stem, you really get to see the sharp yet simple look of the Rockville. Something that makes it unique are the blind bolt holes. You don't see any empty holes for the bar nor the steerer clamp on the stem. Also, the bolts are not visible from the “drive side” of the bike. The bolts enter from the non-drive side and the blind holes give the “drive side” of the stem a very clean appearance. All Rockville stems come with rainbow colored bolts, putting that little sprinkle of flash on the otherwise understated look.

The Rockville Stem currently comes in two sizes. There are 32mm and 40mm lengths with both having the same 35mm bar clamp diameter. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the 32mm length stem weighs 144g and the 40mm stem is 157g. It’s tested to ISO4210-5 standards so you can be confident when bolting this beauty to your bike.

Trail One Components Rockville Stem

The Viking Stem ($80)

Trail One Components Viking Stem

Taking design cues from its sibling the Rockville, the Viking Stem strikes the balance between amazing machined quality while still being affordable. It might actually be one of the only stems on the market that offers a fully machined stem at an $80 price point. We also happen to think it looks really good as well with its glossy finish. The Viking is currently offered in a 40mm length in both 31.8mm and 35mm diameters. Coming in at 170g for the 35mm clamp and 183g for the 31.8mm, it’s right in the middle of weight and could lose a few grams if you want to buy the Trail 1 Titanium Stem Bolt Upgrade Kit. Tested to ISO4210-5 standards so you can trust it and just think about riding. 

Trail One Components Viking Stem

The Slickrock Stem ($50)

Trail One Components Slickrock Stem

Entry level price with top of the line design. The Slickrock Stem takes the skeleton of the Rockville and Viking stem for a uniform look, but forgoes some of the cut outs and extra machine work, allowing Trial One to offer this stem at a lower price point. Don't let that lower price point fool you, the Slickrock stem is a fully machined alloy stem from 6061-T6 aluminum with a shot blasted finish. Offered in the same options as the Viking, only 40mm length with a 31.8mm or 35mm handlebar diameter. Tested to ISO4210-5 standards just like the other stems, strong enough to ride hard with looks good enough for your dream bike. 

Trail One Components Slickrock Stem

Trail One Titanium Stem Upgrade Kits ($22)

Trail One Components Titanium Stem Bolts

The Trail One Titanium Stem Upgrade Kit is a great way to add some flash and color to your Rockville stem or any other stem that uses the same size bolt. They will also save you a little weight, coming in at only 12g for all 6 bolts (2g each), which saves 10g from the stock Rockville stem bolts. There are four colors to choose from: Rainbow, Gold, Black, and Raw. These bolts fit stems that use an M5x18mm bolt, but since stem brands don't list that, we did some research for you. All of the stems listed will work with this bolt upgrade kit: Enve Mtn Carbon and Alloy, Raceface Turbine R, Turbine and Aeffect, Industry Nine A35 and A31.8, Renthal Apex, Truvativ Descendant, Thomson X4, and many more. 

Trail One Components Titanium Stem Bolts

Crockett Carbon Handlebar ($125)

Trail One Components Crockett Carbon Handlebars

The Trail One Crockett Carbon handlebar is a great carbon bar to round out your Trail One cockpit. It comes with a 35mm clamp, 800mm width, 8 degree backsweep, 5 degree upsweep and your choice of 15mm or 35mm rise. At 205g for the 15mm and 216g for the 35mm, they are light and competitive with most carbon bars on the market. The Trail One Crockett Carbon bar has been tested to ISO4120-5 standards, so you know it’s willing to endure some rough riding.

Trail One Components Crockett Carbon Bars

Crockett Alloy Handlebar ($55)

Trail One Components Crockett Alloy Handlebar

If you are looking to swap out your current handlebar or to round out the Trail One cockpit, the Crockett Alloy Handlebar is a great option. With the Crockett Alloy bar, we wanted to give the choice between both handlebar diameters, so the 25mm rise is a 31.8 clamp diameter and the 35mm rise has a 35mm clamp diameter. Personally, I think the 35mm rise alloy handlebars have an amazing feeling to them with the same 800mm width, 8 degree backsweep, 5 degree upsweep. They feel right at home on aggressive mountain bikes, downhill bikes or dirt jumpers.

Trail One Components Crockett Alloy Handlebar

Trail One Handlebar Decal Kits ($22)

Trail One Components Handlebar Decal Kits

Want to add some flair, match your bike, or add in some subtle details with a clean look? Check out the Trail One Handlebar Decal Kit, coming in four colors: Stealth, Black with White Outline, Orange, and Turquoise and Bronze. Included in the kit are two sets for your Trail One handlebars so you can have a backup set if they get damaged while shredding, or you can have some extra stickers to put on your bike, car, bike rack, toolbox, fridge, friends bike, water bottle, laptop… pretty much anywhere you add stickers to. Each decal kit puts $1 into the Trail One Treasury!

Trail One Components Handlebar Decal Kit

Trail One Valve Stems ($23)

Trail One Components Valve Stem

The Trail One Valve stems at first don't look to be any different than other nice valve stems on the market. And in reality they are not, but what is included with them can help extend the life of some valve stems. We choose to include two metal valve caps that match the color of the valve, as well as include one valve cap that can also be used as a valve core remover. That is super useful if your pump messes up the valve core and makes them come loose, or you need to quickly add sealant, you can just use that and a small sealant bottle and you are good to go. We also include one extra valve core with the valve stems, because no valve stem is truly no clog, but we know that some valve cores clog quickly so you have a backup when it does. These Trail One valve stems are also compatible with tire inserts, having slots at the top that allow air to be pushed around the insert. Coming in four colors, black, orange, blue and aqua to match or clash with your bike.

Trail One Components Valve Stems

Trail One Fender ($10)

Trail One Components Fender

The Trail One Fender will help keep your bike or face clear from mud and sometimes help keep from rocks flying around as well. You can start with a rear fender, and add the optional front fender, and four zip ties, throw it on and stay a little more clean. There are also two graphic options to choose from: a simple T1 logo, and a Trail1 logo with our saying, “Every Trail One Product Supports the Trails We Love:”. The Trail One fender is part of the Trail One Treasury fund, where $1 of each sale will go to the Treasury and then donated to a trail network deserving of some helpful funds.

Trail One Components Fender

Trail One Water Bottle ($10)

Trail One Components Water Bottle

**insert liquid of choice. The Trail One Water Bottle is your standard 21oz water bottle made by Specialized. It's reliable and will hold your liquids. This water bottle is also a part of the Trail One Treasury.

Trail One Components Water Bottle

Trail One Shirt ($22)

Trail One Components Shirt

Finally we have the Trail One Shirt, with simple graphics that help support the trails you love. Even when you are not mountain biking you can help support the trails you love with your purchase of this shirt. The Trail One shirt is also in the Trail One treasury so $1 of each shirt will still go to supporting the trails.

Trail One Components Shirts

June 24, 2022

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