Yeti SB140 TURQ Series Frame: Rider Review

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When Yeti launched the SB140 last year, 27.5 fans all over the world rejoiced. It was fast, fun, and insanely playful. Our customer John was on the search for such a bike and decided to make the move on an SB140 frame. Check out his review to hear how the build went! 

Yeti SB140 Frame Rider Review


I had been looking for quite a while for a bike to replace my aging Turner Burner. I demo’d the new Niner 27.5, Pivot Mach 5.5, Orbea Occam, Yeti SB130 and Yeti SB5. 

Of all those bikes, I was most impressed with the Yeti. I really like the SB130, but I was not sure a 29’er was for me. Plus I just invested in some Industry Nine Enduro 27.5 wheels. I liked the SB5 as well but was not too keen on the 127mm travel as I had come to learn for me and my trails 140mm is perfect.

I was content to sit back and see what happened with new bikes. But when the SB140 was announced, it sounded like the perfect bike for me. I got the bike built up when I got home and hit my local front range Colorado trails. I spent a few rides dialing in the shock pressure and settings. Yeti’s section for bike set up was very close to what I ended up going with and served as a great starting point. Good Job Yeti!

Yeti SB140 Rider Review


How does it ride? I have to say this bike climbs very well. I do smooth to rough to technical climbing. It is very active and planted and I feel like the climbing position is very comfortable. I don’t feel like I am wasting energy or that the suspension is working against, it feels like it is helping me get up the climbs.

The thing I really liked about the Switch Infinity System is its brilliance in such a simple design. I am not one who likes to flip switches and dials all the time for climbing or descending. So I really appreciate that I don’t have to do this with this bike. Nor do I want to have a lot of maintenance to worry about. This bike is very easy to service the pivots and the Switch Infinity link.

I like that Yeti has designed this frame for the Trail rider, not necessarily a racer. What I mean by this is the SB5 would get smoother descending the faster you went. There was a speed with that bike where you could feel it just settle in and rip even more. The SB140 has that smoothness throughout all of its travel.

The handling is pretty phenomenal as well. With quick fast tight turns, it just sticks to the ground and is a blast in the corners. I actually had PR descending on one of my local trails the first time I rode the SB140. (The previous PR was 2 years ago!).

Final Thoughts

This bike is just the ultimate trail bike. It does everything very well. I don’t see any weaknesses.

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February 22, 2020

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