X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post: Customer Review

The X-Fusion Manic dropper post seems to offer reliable performance at an incredible value. Here in this review, our valued customer Peter Kibbe takes us through his experiences with his very own X-Fusion Manic dropper seatpost. Check it out below!

X-Fusion Manic dropper seatpost blog review1


The X-Fusion Manic is hands down one of the most underrated dropper posts on the market today. I was on the hunt for budget-friendly dropper post for a second trail bike that I did not want to spend a ton of money on. At $200 out the door for a dropper post with remote almost sounds too good to be true. 

X-Fusion Manic dropper seatpost blog review

Initial Thoughts

Just to preface my review, I have been running Fox Transfers on my other bikes without any issues to mention. When the Manic arrived, I was very impressed by the build quality and had no doubt that this was a great value. Once installed, I immediately noticed how smooth the action of the seat raising and lowering was. Also, the adjustable ergonomics of the remote felt more natural than others I have used. Overall, I am very happy with the fit, finish, and function of the X-Fusion Manic.

X-Fusion Manic dropper seatpost blog review

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, most dropper seat posts on the market have their quirks. Some need to be bled often, don’t work very well in the cold, or develop play faster than others. After a month of winter riding, I have yet to run into any of these problems. That being said, all dropper posts will need to be serviced at some point, which is where X-Fusion really won me over. The post is self-serviceable with a $25 cartridge from X-Fusion which sounds much better than mailing the post back to the manufacturer. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and would have no complaints running it on all my bikes.

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September 26, 2018

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