e*thirteen LG1 Plus Tire: Customer Review

There is no shortage when it comes to 27.5 tire options. So much so that it can be overwhelming with all the choices. Fortunately, e*thirteen is here with their LG1 Plus Tire with the Apex casing for added protection. In this review, our customer Tom picks up a set for a ride at his local bike park. Read on!

e*thirteen lg1 plus tire customer review


I purchased the e*thirteen LG1 Plus tire as a replacement for a worn out Maxxis DHF I was running on my DH bike. The tire was reasonably priced, tubeless compatible, and had nice aggressive side knobs. I assumed it had all the makings of a nice tire and would try one out for summer bike park season. Comparing it to my 2.5 DHF’s it was similar in size although labeled 2.35. 

e*thirteen lg1 plus tire customer review

Installation and First Ride

I mounted the tire up to a set of e*thirteen LG1 rims. I mounted it as a rear tire and had no trouble getting it to inflate or seal up tubeless. My first ride was at my local DH park WindRock. Conditions were hard packed and fast. I found the side knobs to be a bit soft during cornering. The soft knobs gave me a constant feeling of the back end squirming around like the tire pressure was too low. After several runs and tire pressure adjustments I was unable to get that squirming/ rolling feeling to go away. I swapped the tire to the front and moved a Maxis DHF to the rear in hopes I would find the tire more to my liking up front.

e*thirteen lg1 plus tire customer review

How Has it Held Up?

As a front tire, the e*thirteen LG1 has been a great tire all summer. I have ridden it in mostly dry conditions so far from East Coast out through Colorado parks. For 20+ days of riding on it, it has minimal wear and I have had zero issues with it.

Final Thoughts

I recently purchased a 2nd one, again to replace a worn out  DHF.  I think for fall and winter conditions on the East Coast with a little softer dirt the tires will perform great.  

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September 27, 2018

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