WTB Volt Pro 135 Black Saddle: Rider Review

If there's one thing you don't want to skimp on, it's the saddle. If you're not on a comfortable saddle that can ruin any ride no matter how nice your bike is. Even though it isn't a costly upgrade, it makes a big difference. Our friend Mariusz Ostasz gives us the lowdown on his new WTB Volt Pro saddle. Check it out!

WTB Volt Pro Saddle Rider Review


After a year and about 2000 miles, my old saddle had to go. As one might not think about it, saddles wear out and are sort of consumable parts. I have seen WTB saddles on various bikes on YouTube and on trails so I figured it has to be a decent saddle since it is so popular. I demoed a bike with the WTB Volt Pro saddle and immediately loved it, well... My rear end did. :) So I ordered it from the folks at Worldwide Cyclery.

WTB Volt Pro Saddle Rider Review

A few words about these guys - I've ordered from them multiple times over the last two years, and they are my "go to" shop for bike parts. I choose WWC before any other big online retailers. Even if they are not always the cheapest (not by much), I'd rather support this small business. They ship very quickly and I can tell they support the MTB community. Check out their YouTube channel, they sponsor MTB podcast, they do send regular emails, but no spam, rather useful info, and with valuable advice. If I ever run across one of these guys, I'm buying them a beer. :)

WTB Volt Pro Saddle Rider Review
Alright back to the saddle. - I've been riding this WTB Volt Pro 135mm saddle for about two months now. Why Pro? To be honest, the main reason was to match the black and white color scheme of my bike which it did perfectly. Also, additional benefits are better padding and less weight. I was pretty amazed at how light it feels. At 219 grams it is not the best in its class, but if you want lighter it's gonna cost you! The guys at WWC always have some discount codes, which makes the Pro an even better deal! 

WTB Volt Pro Saddle Rider Review

The saddle proved to be as comfortable as the one from the demo bike. I even chose the narrower one (135mm) to match the SDG that came on my bike.
It took a few minutes to install it and I adjusted it twice. It is pretty much level and in the middle of the front/rear adjustment range. Padding is nice and comfy and it's actually a little bit softer than the SDG Fly MTN that came on my YT Jeffsy. I guess it's good when I forget that I am sitting on something. It is grippy enough, so when I'm seated I do not slide at all. Yet it is easy to adjust the position when I lift off just a tiny bit. Another important thing is that the saddle is QUIET! I hate any and all creaks, and this one is great. Just remember to put some grease on the mounting rails.

WTB Volt Pro Saddle Rider Review

I guess if I had to find something I am not a fan of, it would be the fabric at the end of the saddle. Where the WTB logos are placed it soaks up water a little bit. I really only notice this when I wash my bike because I dry it off with a compressor. When I blow air at this part of the saddle, some water comes off. Overall this is a great saddle, doesn't break the bank, and it looks like it's gonna be my new favorite.
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January 31, 2019

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