2019 Fox Factory Float DPX2 Kashima Metric Shock: Rider Review

Arguably one of the biggest upgrades to your bike would be either the suspension or wheels. Some would probably go with the suspension when it comes to a single upgrade having the most impact. In this review, Brian Gonzales shares with us his experience with the new 2019 Fox Factory Float DPX2 Kashima shock. Check it out! 

Fox Factory Float DPX2 Kashima Shock Rider Review


So here is a little background about my current bike. I ride a 2018 Yeti SB5 Carbon GX Comp model. I have had it for a little over a year now. I weigh 158lbs. The Yeti SB5 came stock with the black stanchion Fox DPS performance shock. After a recent trip to Pisgah National Forrest, I felt it was time to upgrade. Why upgrade a shock that is perfectly fine for my local trails you might ask? Well....because everyone said it would be a great upgrade....just kidding. Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock ReviewSo for the Fox DPS stock shock, I always felt that when it came to roots (which we have tons of here in Maryland) I just kept feeling every single one of them. I was never able to find that plush feeling, even though I adjusted the sag from anywhere between 20-30%. When it felt plush (higher sag), the bike stunk during hard pedaling, taking away all that is great about the Yeti Switch Infinity. A few months before the upgrade, I spoke with one of the guys from World Wide Cyclery and he mentioned that it would help with small bump compliance and consecutive hits (which for my newbie-ness, really meant nothing to me).Fox Factory Float DPX2 Kashima Shock Rider ReviewSo when we went down to our trip to Pisgah N.C., I felt that the rear end was not performing the way it should. I was getting bucked around when it came to the multiple hits on roots or little ledges. The Yeti SB5 Lunch ride came stock with a beefier fork and this exact shock. When the holiday deals came around it felt like a perfect time to upgrade. After installing the shock, a day or so later, I took it on its first ride with the Fox DPX2 shock. I adjusted the shocks sag to 30% and the 11 from open rebound settings. After the first ride, I adjusted the pressure up 2-3 psi.

Final Thoughts

All I have to say is Wow! I now know what small bump compliance is! The DPX2 soaked up all the small little roots and bumps that the DPS performance stock shock could not do. I have not had the chance to do the heavy hits that I experienced while in Pisgah, but I am confident that it will perform the way everyone said it would. Again, thanks to all the guys at WorldWide Cyclery for making such an amazing recommendation! I would give it 5 out of 5 Stars!

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January 30, 2019

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