WTB Koda Team 150 Saddle: Rider Review

As you know there are five points of contact with your bike on a given ride. If you don't have a comfortable saddle it can make a great ride not so great. All saddles are not created equal. Our friend Peter shares his thoughts on his WTB Koda Team saddle. Check it out!

WTB Koda Team 150 Saddle Rider Review

It took me a long time to realize that my butt was wider than most, but I came to the conclusion that the standard size bike seat just wasn't cutting it and I had to go wider. I had been riding on a SDG Duster saddle with the normal width that just kicked my ass after each ride. There were days of uncomfortable pressure points despite doing just an hour trail ride. The saddle is one of those places where I just didn't want to spend a ton of money, I just wanted it to work. After reading more about saddles and sizing I realized that my pelvis bones were wider than the normal width so what were my choices? I read about numerous saddles but none were truly "wide", they just claimed ergonomics and form function which are just marketing words. I read about the WTB Koda Team saddle and it had a ton of good reviews. Now despite this being a women developed seat, men had raved about the saddle and comfort as being their favorite over many of the other WTB saddles. I liked the size, weight, look and took a shot.

WTB Koda Team 150 Saddle Rider Review

When it came in the package, it looked small, it's not as long as most saddles. The padding seemed firm and I immediately became skeptical that it would be comfortable. It was an easy install on my FOX transfer dropper post and I loved the look. With my first ride, I was eager to see how the seat would respond. After a few miles of singletrack, I had to remind myself that I was on a new saddle. I almost didn't even know it was there it was so comfortable. About 7 miles into the 12-mile ride I had to smile as my butt had zero fatigue. I was blown away by the saddle. I can't believe I didn't use a wide saddle before since it was clear that my 6'1'' 220 lb. frame needed this saddle. I am built more like a linebacker than a wide receiver.

WTB Koda Team 150 Saddle Rider Review
Final Thoughts

As I ended the ride I realized I had made the best choice possible. My butt no longer had pain after a ride. This is something I have never conceived of in my riding history of 25 years. Your butt just always hurts a little right? There is always some fatigue. Not for me anymore. This saddle has changed how I view my rides and I am sure I can ride longer and faster with less fatigue making the overall experience better. WTB really did a great job in design and testing for this saddle. It fits perfect and comes in at a great weight. I may buy another for my hardtail bike since its just that good. I just wish I had bought this saddle years ago.

WTB Koda Team 150 Saddle Rider Review

June 28, 2019

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