5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products - June 2019 [Video]


Another month has gone by and it’s time for another installment of the top 5 popular mountain bike products for June. In this episode, we cover a mix of everything from a SRAM GX Eagle derailleur to our very own Worldwide Cyclery bottle opener. If you’ve been waffling over a possible suspension upgrade, you are in luck. Not only do we cover great suspension forks upgrades like the RockShox Lyrik Ultimate and RockShox Recon RL fork, but also the RockShox Charger Damper Kit for your existing RockShox fork and MRP’s Ramp Control Cartridge as well. Sit back, get comfortable, and check out this months lineup! 

SRAM GX Eagle Rear Derailleur

Top 5 Products June - SRAM GX Eagle rear derailleur

SRAM Eagle components have been some of our most popular products since it came out a few years ago. Once the GX level came out, it really made its way to the majority of riders as its price for quality is off the charts. Here we look at the SRAM GX Eagle rear derailleur. For $125 it’s a great replacement or spares to keep on hand if you ride rough terrain and go on trips often. It works amazingly well and I think it’s difficult to tell the performance apart between GX and X01 out back. 

I often will buy a nicer shifter and one level below on the rear derailleur as you are more likely to rip off or bend a derailleur in a crash. Nobody wants to add insult to injury by forking out a lot of cash after a stupid crash clipping some tech rocks. This GX rear derailleur will work with any SRAM Eagle shifter: NX, GX, X01, & XX1, again making it a great back up or replacement for your Eagle drivetrain. 

  • Price: $125.00

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Worldwide Cyclery Bottle Opener

Top 5 Products for June - WWC Bottle Opener

We have worked with some of the best hydration specialists in the world to design this bottle opener. It features an ergonomic grip and the perfect amount of leverage to open your bottle or can. It also features a key ring so you can attach it to your saddle or any part of your bike for easy access.

The hydration specialists ensured us there is no better way to hydrate during a ride or get in your post-ride recovery than an ice cold brew. With this bottle opener, you will be sure to never get caught without a way to open your cold brew mid- or post-ride. Some would say it’s the best in the world. 

  • Price: $5.99

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MRP Ramp Control Cartridge

Top 5 Products for June - MRP Ramp Control Cartridge

While our top selling fork is the new Fox 36, the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge makes it even better. MRP makes these for older 36 forks, Fox 34 forks, and Rockshox Lyrik,Yari, Pike, Revelation forks as well. The MRP Ramp Control replaces your stock air cap and tokens or volume spacers in your fork with a single cartridge. The main selling point and feature of the Ramp Control Cartridge is the on the fly adjustability. No more letting all the air out of your fork to add a token or spacer and re-pump up. 

One of my favorite features of Ramp Control is when going from my local trails to the bike park. My local trails are very rough and chattery, and while there are some big hits, I generally use a bit less progression on those so I that I can consistently use all of my travel properly. When I go to the bike parks, I often add one token, and sometimes two if I feel like getting a bit sendy with it. With the Ramp Control I can just add in a few clicks on the cartridge and I'm good to go. No matter the trail or the terrain, it's easily adjustable with no tools needed. 

  • Price: $139.95

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RockShox Charger Damper Kit

Top 5 Products for June - RockShox Charger Damper Kit

Since we are talking about upgrading our forks, upgrading or replacing your damper will make your fork feel extra fresh again. If you have a 2017 or older Rockshox fork, this damper will be a great improvement to your current Rockshox fork. While the Charger Damper was pretty amazing when it first came out, Rockshox hasn't stopped making it better. The newest damper is the Charger 2.1 RC2. This new damper will give you much more adjustment than you previously had. You get HSC, LSC and rebound in the Charger 2.1. The updated damper keeps your fork up in its travel and feeling buttery smooth on every occasion. 

  • Price: $299.68

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RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork

Top 5 Products for June - RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork

If upgrading your fork isn't really appealing to you, buying this new fork is the way to go. Coming with the newest Rockshox technology, it's sure to feel extra good and definitely better than your previous fork, even if it's only a year or two old. With the Charger 2.1 RC2 damper and updated DebonAir air spring, it’s the best combination to get smooth, bump soaking feel, with the adjustment and technology you would expect. It’s available in both Black with chrome decals and Red with chrome decals, which has been selling out for us.

Another feature with the new Rockshox Lyrik is the option to run Torque Caps, which are bigger end caps for your front hub to increase the surface area on your fork. It has a total diameter of 31mm, which increases the amount your end cap makes contact with your fork lowers by over 100%. This makes a big difference when riding hard and if you are buying a Lyrik fork, you most likely are a hard-charging rider! 

  • Price: $999.00

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RockShox Recon RL fork

Top 5 Products for June - RockShox Recon Rl fork

If a new Lyrik is out of budget, or just doesn't fit your bike, the Rockshox Recon RL fork is one of our best selling forks of all time. It was recently updated and received the all black treatment, while slowly getting the technology from the newer forks. The Recon is available in a few different fit options, but this specific model is a straight steerer, QR front axle, in 100mm travel for a 29” bike. This is a great upgrade for your older mountain bike, which can sometimes have tricky to find parts. 

  • Price: $249.00

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June 28, 2019

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