Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain Lever: Rider Review

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The Wolf Tooth Components ReMote has been around for some time now but has still remained wildly popular. It looks great, has grip for your thumb, and is affordably priced. Our customer Eric was looking to upgrade his RockShox Reverb and went with the Wolf Tooth Sustain ReMote. Let's see what he had to say!

WolfTooth Components Dropper ReMote Review


Wolf Tooth Components do make some awesome stuff. I own many of their different offerings and each item serves a unique and important purpose. When I saw their ReMote with Sustain Lever, I knew it was time for my RockShox Reverb to get an upgrade. My Reverb was working okay. But I’m never okay with just okay. If I can get something to work better for a small cost, I will venture into the upgrade woods.

The older actuation button on my Reverb worked fine, but the positioning of the button was not very ergonomic to use when going fast and about to drop down a steep section. It was difficult to push at a moment’s notice and the hydraulic actuator wasn’t always exactly Mr. Reliable. For one, it hated the cold. There’s nothing like heading out on a beautiful, late Autumn ride only to have the reverb freeze in the down position after the first steep section, forcing you to mini-bike pedal your way back to your car. I figured that a change of hardware would get me on the right trail to good performance out of my Reverb.


Anywho, when I got the kit, it included everything you need to install except for the tools. Wolf Tooth Components has a very detailed video on how to install the ReMote Sustain. Make sure you purchase the right kit for your Reverb, because there are several revisions of the Reverb dropper and to coincide, there are versions of the ReMote Sustain to match. I followed the installation guide to the T, and you need to, because opening up your Reverb is risky business and if you’re not careful, you’ll have to bring your Reverb in pieces to your local bike shop, with your tail between your legs asking for a full rebuild. I got everything complete according to the guide and everything worked perfectly!

WolfTooth Components Dropper ReMote review


The post was super quick and snappy to come up when you actuate the cable! I was happy with the upgrade. I went on a ride and had a blast with my new setup - up until my Reverb developed that infamous squish that puts a few millimetres of suspension in your dropper post. Super.

From that moment on, I was done with the frustrations of my Reverb and thought I wasted all that money on the kit. I was wrong. I only wasted half of my cash. I purchased a OneUp dropper and was able to reuse the lever and cabling to easily make the swapout. Problem solved.

Final Thoughts

Moral of the story: WolfTooth makes awesome stuff. Even if you ruin your Reverb installing the ReMote Sustain, you can still make use of the dropper lever and the cabling with a new cable actuated dropper post. The lever works great and I’m super happy with my new setup!

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July 17, 2020

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