DMR Deathgrip Lock-On Grips: Rider Review

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Grips are one of those component upgrades that can make all the difference in the world. It may be an inexpensive change to your mountain bike but it can have numerous positive aspects on your ride. Our friend Sylvester hares his experience with the DMR Deathgrip Lock-On Grips. Check it out!

DMR Deathgrip Grips Lock-On Rider Review


So I am writing this review on the DMR Brendog Deathgrip lock-on grips not because its Camo and it looks sickkk on my FatBar Renthal handlebars! Stoked!! I have used a lot of grips on my bike! I have used ODI grips, Revgrips ( Supposed to be a full suspension grip supposed to help with hand pain) super pricey! Ergon grips just to name a few! These DMR grips seem to work really well on my hands..even without gloves sometimes! Super tacky grippy and super comfy! So far, my hands are feeling pretty good! I can really tell the difference. Not sore at all and I’ve been getting my ride time up! Waaay more! Improved my ride and overall control of my bike..So for that, I give it a 5.0 Stars for Comfort/Feel.

DMR Deathgrip Grips Lock-On Rider Review


I will give it a 5.0 Star! Super easy! Just remove old grips, clean the bar with no need to use alcohol. Just slide it on and with a couple turns on the lock and you are good to go my friend! My only complaint is I notice a little movement on the grips when it's getting rough on the trails or maybe I'm just too scared riding? Idk. I love every type of trails. I do a lot of downhill riding, single track, love technical trails, flowy trails, and even Climbing! Thanks to my EBike! Its not cheating as long as you get on your bike and pedal! I had a couple of crashes here and there nothing really major.. not looking forward to it. But in those couple times, the grips handled it like a champ! So 5.0 Stars for DURABILITY!

The looks is 5 Star! I got the green-yellow camo! Looks sick!

Price-wise is 5 Stars! Super affordable! You can buy three Grips just because they look cool and you can afford them!

DMR Deathgrip Grips Lock-On Rider Review

Final Thoughts

DMR grips are way better and a lot more affordable while they still look cool! Somehow gave my riding skills +10, handling skills +15, and jumping skills +10 not to mention the brand name DEATHGRIP made me feel like I can ride like Brendog (Super cool rider BTW!). Also, lots of people have asked me what kind of grips do I have and where did I get it!!!? Of course, I didn't tell them???! Why would I? Lol jk. Shoutout to Worldwide Cyclery getting it to me on time! DELIVERY is a 5.0 Star! Planning on buying another one for back up and another for my Downhill bike and probably another back up just in case it gets little rough on the trail or the bike park! A must-have upgrade on your mountain bike...But seriously STOP READING ALREADY AND BUY THESE GRIPS NOW!! See you all on the Trails!🤟🏽

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July 16, 2020

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