Wolf Tooth ReMote: Rider Review

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Aftermarket dropper post remotes have become extremely popular. They are higher quality and work better than the stock remotes that come with many dropper posts. The aftermarket options offer smoother actuation and overall higher quality. Read on as our friend Eric tells us about his experience with Wolf Tooth's option.


I am pretty rough on bike parts. Mainly because I'm learning trail skills while all of my riding crew grew up riding dirt bikes. I try to keep up and push myself, but I usually crash instead. Bent cranks, broken pedals, marred forks, shredded grips, and finally a snapped dropper lever. Worldwide Cyclery gave a great buyers guide to make the process easier. I needed a product that would stand up to the constant smashing of my bike. I initially chose the PNW Loam Lever because its construction seemed to be more sturdy. Luckily, it was out of stock, and I was able to get the Wolf Tooth ReMote. I'm glad I did.

Wolftooth Remote Review


This thing is amazing. It is so light you barely can tell you have a bike part sitting in your hand. Installation and compatibility couldn't be any better. This lever works with cable routing in either direction, so it should work with any dropper out there. My bike came with an X-fusion Manic dropper and I had issues from the start. The cable clamps at the post and the cable housing was cut too short from the shop. I fought with it until I broke the stock lever. The ReMote made adjustment and fitment with my post clamp dropper as I was able to clamp it at the post, pull my cable where it needed to be and also clamp it at the lever (maybe not recommended, but made life easier for me)

Wolftooth Remote Review

On The Trail:

The grip on the paddle has to be felt in order to truly understand it. It almost feels sticky because of the machined texture. I haven't had a bit of slippage with or without gloves.

The action on this standard ReMote is smooth and surprisingly light. It has an effortless pull and you never have to worry about having enough grip to actuate it. Wolf Tooth has a light action ReMote available, but it's hard to imagine that it could be much lighter.

Adjustability is limited compared to my previous X-fusion remote, but I actually prefer the ReMote because it is simpler. I was constantly adjusting the angle on the previous lever. This one has a bit of lateral slide to fit around brake clamps and I think that is all you need. It took a minute to get this thing set up in a comfortable position for me and I haven't touched it since. It also fits tight up against the bar so reach is comfortable, it looks better, and it is out of the way of knees.

 Wolthtooth Remote Review

The biggest reason I chose the ReMote is because of the breakaway axle pivot. As I stated earlier, I'm hard on parts. If I wasn't going to have the most "bomb proof" lever, I need to be able to repair it easily if broken/ Being able to easily replace a piece of the lever instead of having to replace the whole lever is smart and super useful. Fortunately, I haven't tested out the breakaway feature yet, but I have taken it apart and it seems like it will work. With my track record, I should probably go ahead and buy a backup pivot. At $9.99 and free shipping from Worldwide Cyclerly, there isn't much to complain about in that regard either.

Final Thoughts:

Although this wasn't my first choice for a replacement dropper lever, I'm glad it's the one I ended up with. It works flawlessly and is simple and reliable. It is also light while not feeling cheap or dainty. I was surprised by how much a simple quality component changes the overall feel of my cockpit. I felt much more confident during my rides and I think that says a lot for a component that often gets overlooked. I honestly can't think of a single con. I'm in love.

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September 05, 2020

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