FOX DHX2 Factory Rear Shock: Rider Review

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Upgrading the rear shock on your mountain bike is always a fun process. It is one of the most noticeable changes you can make and is one that usually won't break the bank. The Fox DHX2 rear shock has been around for years and is loved by trail, enduro, and dh riders across the world. Check out what this customer had to say about his!

Fox DHX2 rear shock rider review


Absolutely bomb rear shock in every way possible! I couldn’t be happier with the new 2021 Fox DHX2. HSC, LSC, HSR, LSR are all accessible and easy to adjust. Fox (as always) gives you recommendations for all four when you are setting it up out of the box. The settings they recommended feel spot on, which is always a huge bonus. Not spending the entire first day trying to find a good set up is really nice, and most people will be happy to not be so overwhelmed by set up. The SLS spring is very light and comes in 25 lb. spring increments, which is light years better than the 50 lb. increments you get from most manufacturers.

First Impressions

This thing is a traction factory! The small bump sensitivity and tracking of the SLS coil is immediately apparent on the first run. Flat turns, tree roots, off-camber sections; the rear wheel locks in with such precision that you’ll feel more confident than ever to keep pushing yourself further. With how dry it’s been out west here, the extra traction in these situations is everything if you’re really pushing the limits. I think the new variable valve control (VVC) is the reason this traction feels nearly endless, especially when you’re at cooking it at warp speed.

FOX DHX2 Factory Rear Shock Rider review
Despite all the traction though, the new DHX2 has a surprising amount of liveliness and pop to it. When you want to get off the ground, the shock responds with no sluggishness whatsoever. This has been my main issue with coil shocks in the past, but the new DHX2 simply doesn’t give you that bogged down feeling when it’s time to jump or hop around the trail. I noticed very little to no difference in playfulness switching from a Float X2 to the new DHX2, which was definitely unexpected.

How Does it Handle Drops?

On to the big hits. Another issue I’ve had with coil shocks in the past is the bottom out control not being adequate for big hits. The feeling of scrambling for control after a massive bottom out is one that not many people I know envy very much. The new bottom out bumper on the Fox DHX2 seems to have alleviated that issue remarkably well! I’ve sent some big hucks to flat on my Canyon Sender, and the new bottom out bumper never flinched at all. It truly feels bottomless, because the end of the stroke is so well managed and controlled by the bumper.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I can’t think of a single complaint about the 2021 DHX2 besides maybe the price, but honestly, I think it’s a fair price for a shock of this caliber. If you want a top of the line coil shock, you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than this!

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September 06, 2020

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