Wolf Tooth Direct Mount Oval 30T Chainring: Customer Review

If your riding flats and thinking about making the switch to oval, stop thinking and make the change now! While many riders are initially skeptical of the oval chainring, after one ride it is pretty easy to feel the difference. In this review, our customer Matthew mounts one to his Evil the Following. Check it out!

Wolf Tooth Oval Chainring Customer Review


I mounted the PowerTrac to a set of SRAM Eagle XX1 cranks that were installed on my 2017 Evil The Following V1. Wolf Tooth includes a marking on the chainring to give riders some guidance as to what position is best.

Wolf Tooth Oval 30T Chainring Customer Review


I was surprised at just how subtle the Wolf Tooth Oval felt once I hit the trail. The pedaling motion felt more natural than with other oval rings I have tried and didn’t result in achy muscles after the first ride. There was never a moment of revelation in terms of pedaling performance, but over the course of longer rides, my legs did feel fresher thanks to the lack of a dead spot in the pedaling. Some of my buddies also felt they could accelerate quicker out of corners with the oval chainring.

Final Thoughts

Overall it has a smoother feel than other oval rings I've tried, quick acceleration out of corners and felt fresher on longer rides.

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October 18, 2018

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