2019 Fox Shox Float X2 Rear Shock: Customer Review

Nothing beats the feeling of a brand new shock for your favorite bike. Whether you plan on hucking it off some big drops or just want a little more stability through rock gardens, upgrading the suspension on your rig is sure to bring a smile to your face. Just ask our customer Bernard, he swapped his Rockshox for Fox and isn't looking back. Read on for more!

Fox Shox Float X2 Customer Review


Taking off the Rockshox Vivid R2C Air shock and installing the Fox Float X2 shock was a dream come true. From day one when I received the package, I knew the right decision was made. After the super simple installation, sag was set, and I was bouncing around the parking lot to get a feel of the stock settings. Having the ability to fine-tune the rebound both high speed and low speed was really a game changer. With a rough ballpark setting that I was ok with, I tucked the bike away for the next day, at the bike park.

Fox Shox Float X2 Customer Review

First Ride Impressions

On the lift, I was filled with excitement to finally try this new shock that seems to impress everyone. The first run down I noticed how plush the Fox Float X2 felt while holding mid stroke support. The rebound adjustment, as well as the compression circuit having separate ranges, was really helpful. It took 3 runs to finally find out how I wanted the shock. Nice and supple off the top with quick slow-speed rebound, and supportive and slower rebound at the ending stroke/ high speed.

Final Thoughts

After it was all said and done, the Fox X2 felt amazing. What amazed me the most was the ability to fine tune the shock to exactly how you want to ride, or where you ride. Having that ability results in no shortfalls in choosing an air shock vs a coil etc. Before I ordered the shock I was stuck on the choice of air vs coil. But after riding this shock, the decision I made was 100% correct, air all day!

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October 17, 2018

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