Trending MTB Products: December 2019 [Video]


We are back again for our top selling products of December. These are the products you, the consumer, are buying the most. Our shipping hamsters see all these products so much they sometimes get confused because they are so popular. Check out which parts, tools, and accessories are trending for the month!

Park Tool BBT-79 Bottom Bracket Tool

Park Tool Bottom Bracket Tool

The dreaded bottom bracket creaks, we all have them, we all hate them. But this Park Tool BBT-79 is here to help you solve those noises without taking your bike into the shop. If you have a threaded bottom bracket that also uses a SRAM DUB, Raceface/Easton Cinch, or Rotor BSA30 bottom bracket system, then the BBT-79 is the tool you want. Attaching easily to your standard ⅜” ratchet wrench that could also be used on a ⅜” torque wrench, you can easily remove and install your bottom bracket. Most of the time, if you have creaking you can just pull the bottom bracket and clean the two contacting threaded surfaces. A simple re-grease and put it back together will almost always eliminate your creaking. **Pro Tip: use Teflon plumbing tape and wrap the bb threads in the threaded direction to help further eliminate creaking or the actual bottom bracket cups from coming loose. 

  • Price: $28.95
  • Compatible with SRAM DUB, RaceFace Cinch, Zipp Vuma, Rotor BSA30, Hawk Racing BB3086, and others

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RockShox Recon RL Fork: 29", 100mm, Solo Air, QR, 1-1/8" Aluminum Steerer

RockShox Recon RL fork

The RockShox Recon fork is a killer and affordable way to upgrade your mountain bike. This fork is a quick release, straight steerer with 100mm made for your 29” bike, making it a fork that fits many entry-level bikes to help increase performance without dropping a ton of cash. With the trickle-down of technology from Rockshox’s higher-end forks, the Recon RL now gets the Motion Control damper along with the same CSU that you will also find on the Reba. The Recon RL also made it into our MTB Forks Under $500 video, so you know it's a winner! A great upgrade for a reasonable price, the Recon RL continues to be a top seller for Worldwide.

  • Price: $249
  • Offset: 51
  • Travel: 100
  • Steerer: Straight

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Worldwide Cyclery Custom MTB Fork Fender - Black with Globe

Trending MTB Products - WC Fender

It's that time of year, well for Southern California, where we actually need a fender for a few weeks. YES! We got rain and that means a fender is now a useful accessory on your bike besides making your bike look approximately 1000x better looking. Riding in the rain or riding through dog poop, this Worldwide branded fender will help keep any muck on your tires from flying in your face. Unfortunately, I can't say it won’t end up on your back, but nobody will see that anyways. The ultimate SH*T stopper, crud cramper, or the scat scraper, we are selling these for 50% off with a special discount code! Yes, 50% off means half price, but you will have to watch the video to get that special code :)

  • Price: $12.99

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FOX FLOAT X2 Factory Rear Shock

Fox Shox X2 Rear Shock

If you're looking for more adjustment or to get the most out of your trail bike, this version of the Fox Float X2 fits really nicely on a standard trail bike. With adjustment for both high and low-speed compression as well as high and low-speed rebound, along with the adjustment of air tokens to further tune your ride, there isn’t much the Float X2 can't do. We have a ton of content for this shock, from our individual reviews and videos to also lots of customer reviews. There is a reason why it’s so talked about and also why we sell so many, it really does just work! 

  • Price: $659
  • Available in both imperial and metric sizes

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Shimano XT RD-M8100-SGS Rear Derailleur - 12-Speed, Long Cage, Black, For 1x

Shimano XT RD-M8100-SGS Rear Derailleur - 12-Speed, Long Cage, Black, For 1x

With Shimano joining the 12-speed train earlier this year, it's a known fact about the quality for price ratio that Shimano XT follows. The new Shimano XT 8100 is no different, offering great performance at a reasonable price. If you are upgrading the entire drivetrain, upgrading just your rear derailleur from Shimano SLX to Shimano XT, or just replacing a current XT 12 speed rear derailleur, we are guessing any of these reasons is why it landed on our top selling products for December. And no, this rear derailleur will not work with your existing Shimano 11 speed, sorry. 

  • Price: $114.99

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PNW Loam Grip

PNW Loam Grip

A few months back PNW released their first grip: the Loam Grip. And just like many other PNW products, it’s a home run on the first pitch. We happened to do a full blog and video on these grips, breaking them all the way down. For now, there is a zig-zag pattern on the outside the provides stability as well as comfort for the outside of your palm, and on the inside is a smaller parallel ribbed pattern that increases the comfort for the inside of your hand and pointer/middle fingers. Along the bottom, you will find a similar parallel pattern running the length of the grip with some perpendicular ribs as well to slot in the fingers and create a waffle type pattern. It’s not a coincidence that these grips are a top seller as many of our employees have made the switch to the PNW Loam Grip. Along with black, they are also available in Seafoam Teal, Really Red, Cement Grey, and Safety Orange, you know to match or clash with your bike. 

  • Price: $19
  • Colors: Black, Seafoam Teal, Really Red, Cement Grey, and Safety Orange

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SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS XG-1299 Cassette - 12-Speed, 10-50t, Rainbow, For XD Driver Body

 SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS XG-1299 Cassette - 12-Speed, 10-50t, Rainbow, For XD Driver Body

Last of our trending December products, but certainly not last in looks, is the SRAM XX1 Rainbow finish 10-50t cassette. This is the same cassette that was originally only available with the full AXS Eagle group but not available as a replacement or upgrade to bling out your bike.  Thankfully it can now be purchased as a standalone product. This also goes along great with the Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit, as that only comes with a rear derailleur, controller and battery, so this cassette will make your bike a little bit closer to Eagle and a whole lot cooler looking. When you need to stand out from the crowd, look for the SRAM Rainbow XX1 cassette to take your ride to level 12! 

  • Price: $449

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December 30, 2019

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