Fox Transfer Dropper Post Performance w/Fox 1x Remote: Rider Review

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Following two replacements & two failures of the stock dropper seat post on my Giant Trance Advanced 1, I felt compelled to look at other options for a new dropper seat post. I was tired of replacing this so I did a lot of research to try to find the best dropper post that I could without spending a ridiculous amount of money. I finally landed on the Fox Transfer with internal cable routing. I have used Fox suspension on all of my bikes so I had no doubts about the quality of Fox products. I went with Worldwide Cyclery for the purchase because they had the best price and I had talked to friends that have been happy with the service from Worldwide Cyclery. 

Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost

Right out of the box I could see a huge difference. The stock Giant dropper (that I was getting pretty good at trashing) had a plastic mechanism that attached to the cable on the bottom of the dropper for the actuation. This was the part of that dropper that kept failing on me. The Fox had the same type of mechanism in the bottom of the post but it was NOT plastic. Not sure what type of metal the fox mechanism is made out of, but I can tell you that it is NOT plastic. I also love the seals that Fox uses on the seat post. This looks just like the seals that they use on their suspension forks. I've always had good luck with the way other Fox products function & see no reason I wouldn't get the same result on the dropper. At this point, I was feeling much better about this dropper vs my old one.

Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost

Installing it was super easy as the instructions that came with the post were very clear and easy to follow. I also found the video from Worldwide Cycler on how to install a Fox dropper post as well. I got the Fox remote for this post as well and I like the look/feel of it as well, the nice big thumb lever is easy to find as well. Once I had the seat post installed, I was immediately impressed with the responsiveness of this post vs my old one. When you press the remote down, this post is coming back up in a hurry. I love this. You can adjust the post infinitely so you can always find the right height needed for the type of terrain.

Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost

I have had this post out for several rides & have had zero issues with it. In talking to the guys at Worldwide Cyclery I fully expect it to stay that way as they revealed that they have less returns with this dropper vs any other that they sell. All of this lead up to me purchasing another Fox Transfer dropper post for my fat bike. I'm anxious to see how it will do in the cold weather. Time will tell... 

Fox Transfer Dropper Post

December 31, 2019

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