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We are back for another month of top mountain bike products! Last month had some epic products and July is no different. SRAM is on top of our list once again, this time with the XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit, Guide/Avid replacement disc brake pads, and Eagle Powerlock links. And while this month might be SRAM heavy, don't think we forgot about the rest of the brands. Park Tool and Wolf Tooth made an appearance this month with their cassette lockring tool and master link pliers, two products that every home mechanic should have. Check out the full episode to learn more about each of these products!

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit 

Top 5 Products for July - SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

We are stoked that you can now buy an upgrade kit for your current SRAM Eagle to convert it to AXS. This means you can just buy a derailleur, shifter and the batteries/charging unit and bolt that onto your current 12-speed cassette, chain, and crankset. While at first SRAM Eagle AXS was only available in a full 5-piece kit, you can now buy just the electronic parts at a cost of $1,000 for XX1 Eagle AXS & X01 Eagle AXS. 

If you haven't checked out what Sram Eagle AXS is, head over to our video and blog about when AXS first came out. 

  • Price: $1,000
  • Rear Derailleur, Battery, Eagle AXS Controller w/ Clamp


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SRAM Guide and Avid Trail Disc Brake Pads

Top 5 Products for July - SRAM Brake Pads

There isn't much to these SRAM Guide/Avid Trail brake pads, except they help you slow down and stay on the trail. So if that doesn't matter to you then read on to the next product. If you're like me and enjoy staying on the trail, these brake pads do a great job at that. Made for SRAM Guide brakes, this exact model is the steel-backed, sintered compound. The means that the pad compound is going to wear a bit slower and work much much better in the wet than an organic or resin pad would. They also might make a bit more noise, but don't be alarmed as not all brake noise is bad. I actually think it's amazing how much quieter brakes have become. Having some noise to know they still are working well is fine with me. 

  • Price: $19.04
  • Compound: Sintered
  • Plate Material: Steel

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Park Tool FR-5.2 Cassette Lockring Tool

Top 5 Products for July - Park Tool Cassette lock ring tool

This cassette tool from Park Tool will get your cassette on and off without an issue. With more and more parts starting to use this tool pattern, specifically Rockshox fork top caps, it's becoming even more useful. If you have a 2018 or newer RockShox Pike/Revelation or Lyrik/Yari, you will need this cassette tool pattern in order to add or remove volume spacers, as well as pull out your damper to service or replace it. Also, a few other companies are using this pattern for pivot hardware, hub hardware, and a few other bolts here and there. So having it with you for your cassette and even the other tools mentioned isn't a bad idea, and at $6.95, that could just about replace your morning cup of fancy coffee. 

  • Price: $6.95

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If you want to check out more tools we recommend, check out what our Mechanic Liam puts in his mobile toolbox:

SRAM Eagle PowerLock Link for 12 Speed Chain

Top 5 Products for July - SRAM Eagle Powerlock Link

As most bikes are coming stock with Eagle now, it's a smart idea to throw an extra master link in your pack or on your bike somewhere. They are small enough to be zip tied on and most people will never notice them. Even tool storage options like the OneUp EDC tool and Wolf Tooth plier kit have spots for master links! I keep master links in all of my different riding setups, as well as in my toolbox, car, gear bag, and probably even my girlfriend's car. The fact that they are sold in a set of 4 means you can do this, and we also even split up the pack and sell just a single master link as well if you need just one. Don't be that guy on the ride who breaks his chain and ends up walking. Having an easy master link on you will not make you look different but instead be able to keep pedaling even after that untimely chain snap. 

  • Price: $10.89
  • Rainbow Finish or Silver
  • 4 Masterlinks

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Wolf Tooth Combo Masterlink Pliers

Top 5 Products for July - Wolf Tooth Masterlink Pliers

Speaking of master links and the Wolf Tooth pliers, we have been selling these guys since they first came out and we are still seeing them being sold every day! The Wolf Tooth master link combo pliers have some amazing features. As pliers, they are able to open your master link to get your chain off without a chain breaker, as well as close your master link if you need to install a new one. Besides being an amazing plier tool, they are small enough to put in your pack or strap on your bike. I have two sets, one in my riding backpack for bigger rides, as well as on my big bike strapped to my Lezyne storage cage.

Shop Wolf Tooth Masterlink Pliers

Along with being able to open and close master links and being pretty small, they also store two sets of master links! In my backpack set, I have one 12-speed link and some 11-speed links, as you never know who might break a chain out on a big ride. The bottom of the pliers also act as a tire lever, so if you have that really stubborn tire out on the trail when fixing a flat, there is nothing like a set of alloy tire levers to get the job done with ease. I haven't used them yet as tire levers as most flats I can fix by tire plugs or take the tire off by hand, but when I need to, I'll be stoked to not snap a plastic lever on the trail. 


Well, we hope that's enough features for you in one $32 tool, and that you will not be out riding without some master links and pliers to install them anytime soon!

  • Price: $32.95
  • Compatible with SRAM PowerLock Link, Shimano Quick-Link, KMC Missing Link and other similar master links
  • 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed master links and chains

Worldwide Cyclery Water Bottle

Top 5 products for July - WWC water bottle

No matter how long or short the ride, you should always have something to store your water to quench your thirst. Behold, the Worldwide water bottle. Available in a semi-clear grey with our beautiful label placed not once, but twice on the bottle! You can see through to how much water you have left at any time, which is very useful for rides of all lengths. The bottle is not only limited to water but any liquid you choose. There have been some Worldwide employees known to add some beer or some Tito’s vodka mixed with some delicious liquid. 

Don't let yourself stay thirsty on rides or any event. Get a Worldwide water bottle so you can store your liquid. 

  • Price: $7.95
  • Size: 21oz.

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July 31, 2019

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