OneUp Dropper Post: Rider Review

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Arguably one of the single innovations in mountain biking that has had a major impact would be the dropper post. It's changed the way people ride their bikes. With that, there are different levels of this single component. Our friend John tells us his experience with the OneUp Components Dropper. Check it out!

OneUp Dropper Post Rider Review


This is my first dropper post and first self-install of one. I was a “holdout” on buying a dropper post because I was unsure about using it enough.

After reading reviews of Oneup’s unique design, I ordered their 150mm dropper post from Worldwide Cyclery along with Wolftooth’s Remote Light Action Dropper Lever, in lieu of Oneup’s proprietary carbon lever. I did not need Oneup’s optional travel-reducing shim for proper fitment within my medium-frame Turner Flux V.4 trail bike. The Oneup Components Dropper Post  “cable setup is quick and easy,” but be careful, after inserting the dropper into the seat tube, not to pull or push on the cable housing before tightening things down. I made that mistake and the cable barrel popped out of the Actuator window at the dropper post end of the housing, despite the Actuator O-ring being over the cable and the Actuator.

OneUp Dropper Post Rider ReviewI discovered this problem only after I had installed the dropper post and it wouldn’t lower when I sat on it while pressing on the lever. I was baffled as to why it wasn’t working, until I pulled the dropper out and noticed the cable barrel was no longer seated within the Actuator. Make sure you also remove any lever slack via the barrel adjuster — before nailing down your PSI setting. With regard to the latter, I found Oneup’s installation instructions lacked info on two key specs: The PSI for the dropper (250-300 psi) and the max. Torque spec for the seat clamp bolts (8 Nm). I first learned about these specs after watching a YouTube video. This was before I noticed the specs are etched (in a small font size) at the top of the dropper just below the seat clamp. I emailed Oneup about this and they responded their instructions will be updated with these specs. I ultimately settled on 270 PSI as my preferred setting.

OneUp Dropper Post Rider Review

Final Thoughts

The only design-related con is having to remove the seat clamp and saddle to adjust the air pressure. If your initial air pressure setting is not optimal or you want to experiment with various air pressures, you have to remove your saddle and reset its fore/aft and angle each time. My wife has a different dropper post and the Schrader air value is placed externally at the top of the post, just below the seat clamp, for easy access for making pressure adjustments. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with Oneup’s dropper post. I’m using it more than expected and I really like its quality design and smooth functionality. OneUp has taken a complex bike technology and developed it in such a way that is shouldn’t intimidate most customers (like me). There is elegance in simplicity!

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July 31, 2019

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