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Well as the season's change, sometimes more or less, you need to add some riding gear to be comfortable while riding.  In this months top 5 products we have some really good gear to keep you warm and able to ride through so most challenging Southern California conditions… and maybe some other places it actually gets cold.  We do have a location in Pennsylvania, so our employees do know about real winter.

Jackets: KETL Overshirt or 100% Hydromatic

 KETL Overshirt Jacket

100% Hydromatic Jacket

For our jacket of choice, we have two really good options. The KETL Overshirt is a great option when looking to throw on a warmer shirt that helps cut out the wind in a chilly morning. With its button closure is an easy way to get on and off while riding. Also, the very casual look could make it more useful than just a riding jacket so you don't look like a power ranger. Also, it’s micro-brewery approved.Shop KETL Overshirt CTA

Our other choice is the 100% Hydromatic jacket, cutting the wind in a more traditional riding windbreaker look. The 100% Hydromatic jacket has waterproof pocket zippers and taped seams to keep you as dry as possible. Also, the Hydromatic jacket can be packed away into a small ball and fit in your back pocket or hydration pack.

Shop 100% Hydromatic Jacket CTA
Warm Cap or Balaclava: 45NRTH Helmet Liner Hat

 Shop 45NRTH Stavanger Helmet Liner Hat

    A warm cap is a must when the weather gets cold. Nothing is worse than having a vented helmet letting in all the cold air. Our choice for hats is 45NRTH and they have a few models that cater to rider preference, some that fully cover the ears, others that are more like a beanie. The 45NRTH Stavanger hat gets the job done, keeping the head and ears warm.

    Shop 45NRTH Stavanger helmet liner hat CTA


    Warm Gloves: 100% Brisker

     Shop 100% Brisker Cold Weather Gloves

      100% Brisker Cold Weather Gloves

      The 100% Brisker glove is a shop favorite, coming in two levels of warmth and water models. The Brisker, and Hydromatic. The Brisker is going to be the mid-level and more popular model. With an insulated top shell and a single layer palm, the Brisker gives you the best of both with warmth and control. The Hydromatic is the model to use when it’s not only cold but wet. With an extended waterproof cuff, this helps keep all the moisture out and your hands warm. Available in lots of colors to match or stand out, the 100% Brisker is our go to for cold and wet conditions.

      Shop 100% Brisker Cold Weather Gloves CTA

      Base Layer: Craft Active

      Shop Craft Base Layers

        Shop Craft Base Layers

        There is a lot of different models of base layers from Craft alone. All of them will help keep you warm, it just depends on how warm you want. Typically I go for a long sleeve base layer when it gets cold as it keeps your entire torso warm. If you haven't ridden in cold weather, it feels like you can't move if your core and arms are cold. The Intensity model from Craft is going to be your mid-cold version. Keeping you warm but also ventilated when needed, and what we wear most of the time. The warmer model is the Wind Stopper, this will have wind blocking technology, keeping you warm, no chill, but will also help vent heat when it’s too much. Having a taller collar also helps cut out the gaps of exposed skin.

        Shop Craft Base Layers CTA

        SealSkinz Waterproof Socks:

         Shop SealSkinz waterproof socks

        Shop SealSkinz waterproof socks

        As far as socks go, they are not created equal. Unfortunately simply overlooking a good pair of socks can be the difference between an epic fun ride or a ride that’ll get cut short. When it comes to cold weather or wet weather for that matter, SealSkinz has you covered. These guys are leading the pack with socks that are not only 100% waterproof but also windproof but still breathable. The liners are made from Merino wool so they’ll wick moisture and feel soft to the touch without feeling like rubber.

        Shop SealSkinz waterproof socks CTA

          December 14, 2018

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