RockShox Damper Upgrade Kit: Rider Review

Ready to take your Rockshox fork to the next level? The Rockshox Damper Upgrade kit features a wider range of adjustments and an improved internals to give you an ultra plush and smooth ride. In this review, our customer Carlos adds one to his Santa Cruz. Check it out!

Rockshox Damper Upgrade Kit Rider Review


I started riding again after an accident I had in May of 2017. I bought a new bike and wanted something with longer travel. My new bike came with a 150mm Rockshox Revelation. The 150mm felt good and I was happy, that's until I tried a Rockshock Pike.

First Ride Impressions

I was informed that I would be able to upgrade my damper with the Rockshox Damper Upgrade Kit. I was pleasantly surprised to find it at a great price with Worldwide Cyclery. My first ride felt like I had a new bike. The shock response and subtleness are impressive. I am able to maintain my speed and control of the front end of the bike. When hitting drops, the feel of the front end inspires confidence and makes me want to take on bigger drops. I am still working the low compression settings because the new damper brings it as an additional setting along with an open, pedal, and lockout option. Needless to say, you will have more than enough settings to dial in the fork to your style of riding.

Rockshox Damper Upgrade Kit Rider Review

Final Thoughts

I have been asked if the upgrade was worth the price and my answers is an undeniable YES!! If you are on the fence about it just take the leap, you won't regret it. This has been one of the best upgrades I have done that has had the most impact on my riding to this date.

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December 14, 2018

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