TRP Hydraulic G-Spec Quadiem Front & Rear Brake Set: Rider Review

Searching for that perfect set of brakes? Our customers have been going crazy over the TRP G-Spec Quadiems. A great option if you are looking to go away from the standard SRAM and Shimano. Check out Zacks review to hear more about his!

TRP Hydraulic G-Spec Brake Rider Review


I am always amazed by how good modern brakes are when they're working properly, but I'm almost equally astonished by how unreliable a number of brands seem to have become. Mind-bending power that is only good for a ride or two before needing a bleed is probably fine for World Cup guys, but I want something that is consistent and dependable.

Why Did I Pick TRP?

After a couple of lackluster experiences with other brands, I heard Aaron Gwin's mechanic, John Hall, mention the ridiculous consistency and reliability of the TRP Quadiems in a podcast interview. I was bleeding my old brakes (widely praised by the media as great brakes) every 3-5 rides due to consistency problems and dealing with DOT fluid on that regular of a basis was not great. After some deeper research into the TRP brakes, I had some reservations about their ability to provide the peak power that I had gotten used to but was willing to give them shot for their strong reputation for reliability.

First Impressions

As far as I know, the Quadiem and Quadiem G-Spec are identical brakes except for the finish. I sprung for the TRP Quadiem G-Specs, and while I'm not normally one to pay extra on looks alone, they really are something special. The finish just oozes quality. While they don't have a bite point adjustment, the reach adjustment is nicely tucked away and the brakes have a good solid bite point that is right where I typically like. Oddly, TRP put the banjo on the outside edge of the caliper, so cable routing isn't quite as tucked away and tidy as some other brakes.

TRP Hydraulic G-Spec Brake Rider Review


While I haven't been able to give them a long-term shakedown at this point, I've ridden some very steep and fast trails and they have not flinched. Unlike my last brakes, the bite point never changes as they heat up, and the modulation is superb. The chunky lever blade felt big at first, but the heavy-duty feel is extremely reassuring when you're dropping into something gnarly and need your brakes to perform.

Final Thoughts

While some people have mentioned that they don't think the brakes measure up to Shimano and SRAM's DH brakes offerings in terms of outright power, I haven't noticed any lack of power. Most importantly, the consistency helps me ride faster and with greater trust in my equipment. As far as I'm concerned, TRP has jumped into territory previously dominated by SRAM and Shimano and produced the best brake on the market.

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December 25, 2018

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