Trending Mountain Bike Products: June 2020 [Video]

Words by: Liam Woods


We are back for another one (Anotha one - DJ Khaled voice) of our trending products showcases, this time for the month of June 2020. All of these products are some of our top selling products for the last month of June, meaning these are what our customers are choosing to buy the most. We have tires from Maxxis, drivetrain parts from SRAM, and oval chainrings from absoluteBLACK. Take a look at what we see shipping out from our doors the most!

Maxxis Minion DHR II Tire

Trending MTB Products June - Maxxis Minion DHRII

Maxxis happens to be one of our top-selling tire brands all the time, but the top-selling tire of choice changes and for this month we saw tons of Maxxis DHRII tires going out, specifically in 27.5 x 2.4 and 29 x 2.3. Both are very good tire choices for the front or rear of your trail or enduro bikes. We have lots of content on Maxxis DHR tires, so you can learn more about them featured in our Maxxis Tire Guide and our Maxxis Minion DHF vs. Minion DHR II video, as well. The DHRII is a shop favorite and often finds its way to the front of our trail bikes as the 2.4 size is great and the feel from the knob pattern lends itself to a very consistent tire in many conditions. While some people say it's a rear tire, you would be surprised with how many World Cup pros choose to ride this in the front! The 2.3 size also makes for a great upgrade to your XC bike that doesn't add too much weight or bulk, yet gets you more grip than say an Ikon or an Ardent Race. 

Maxxis Minion DHRII tires

absoluteBLACK Oval Narrow-Wide Direct Mount Chainring

AbsoluteBlack Oval chainring

Since we started to carry absoluteBLACK, they have quickly become the top-selling chainring brand we have, and for good reason. The testing, science, and tech that goes into every absoluteBLACK chainring option is probably double or triple than any other company. Focusing on an oval chainring, they have been able to increase your pedal stroke efficiency simply with the shape of your chainring. Check out our Oval Chainrings Video featuring absoluteBlack to get into all the details on what makes these feel so good. 

Shop AbsoluteBlack oval chainrings

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Chain - 12-Speed, 126 Links, Rainbow

SRAM XX1 Eagle Axs Rainbow chain

Need a new chain for your SRAM Eagle 12 speed setup? The SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS chain works on any SRAM 12 speed Eagle setup and can make for a cool bling upgrade when your stock chain wears out. The XX1 is the top-level chain offered by SRAM as well, so it makes for a great upgrade. It's a chain, plus it looks cool, not much more to say. 

Shop SRAM Eagle AXS chain

e*thirteen by The Hive TRS Plus Cassette - 11 Speed

 e*thirteen by The Hive TRS Plus Cassette - 11 Speed, 9-46t, Black, For XD Driver Body

Since e*thirteen cassettes came out, they have always sold well, offering more range than the typical 11-speed cassettes while remaining very light with precise shifting. This e*thirteen TRS 11 speed 9-46t gets you quite a bit more range than most 11 speed setups. I have run this on the SRAM 11-speed setup and was happy with more range without any sacrifice to my top speed, weight, or shifting performance. Check out our product overview on the e*thirteen TRS+ cassette to learn more about it. 

Shop e*thirteen trs plus cassette

Worldwide Cyclery Custom MTB Fork Fender - Almost Stealth

 Worldwide Cyclery Custom MTB Fork Fender - Almost Stealth

Tired of getting mud, rocks, and who knows what else (ewwwww) thrown into your face while riding? We were! So we made some fenders. We created a new shape (ok, new shape to fenders) that offers a great amount of coverage, yet isn’t too big and looks nice and mean. We have two colors of fenders: the Almost Stealth that we have seen shipping out on soooo many orders, as well as the full Stealth color. For only $12.99 you can be stylin’ with a Worldwide logo fender and keep the crud out of your face. It's a win-win purchase. 

 Worldwide Cyclery Custom MTB Fork Fender - Almost Stealth

SRAM NX Eagle DUB 175mm

Trending MTB Products - SRAM NX Eagle

SRAM NX Eagle has something special that SRAM XX1, X01, and GX don’t offer, and that is that it uses the traditional 9,10, and 11 speed splined cassette and freehub bodies. This means you can easily upgrade the drivetrain on your bike to the SRAM NX Eagle with a new crankset for just $375! It offers almost the same range as the higher end versions with a 11-50t rear cassette, yet works on bikes with slightly older drivetrains. Check out our product overview on SRAM NX Eagle if you want to see all the details. 

Shop SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS XG-1299 Cassette - 12-Speed, 10-52t, 520%

SRAM Eagle AXS Cassette

Certainly not least, and the newest product in this month's trending products, is the SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS XG-1299 cassette for 12 speed SRAM drivetrains. This cassette offers more range at 520%, now with the 10-52t range. As this is a brand new SRAM product, of course, it has been selling like crazy. The new cassette does need the use of the new  Eagle V2 mechanical rear derailleurs as well as current and new Eagle AXS rear derailleurs. If you have the older SRAM Eagle rear derailleurs then you would need to upgrade or experience subpar shifting than what SRAM has designed its products for. Check out our product release video of the updated SRAM Eagle drivetrains for more information. 

Shop SRAM Eagle AXS Cassette

That wraps up our trending products for the month of June, with top-selling products from SRAM with NX and XX1 Eagle sprinkled all over the place, some of our favorite Maxxis tires and E*Thirteen cassettes with more range. Don't forget about our Worldwide Cyclery merch, which is always stylish and functional!

Employee Spotlight: Liam Woods

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June 29, 2020

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