The Best Mountain Bike Trails Part 1: Moab, UT

If you're like us, you love to get out and explore on your mountain bike and try new trails, especially some of the highest rated trails in the country. In this series of blogs, we'll be taking a look at some of the most epic MTB spots in the country and breaking down some popular trails as well as trave tips. The good thing is our buddy Steve Mokan over at Chasing Epic MTB runs a bike adventure program knows the trails in Moab like the back of his hand and has provided some awesome insight into this unique trail system. Here are some key travel tips as well as the best trails to check out on your next MTB adventure to Moab.

Top MTB Trails Moab, UT

Moab is the mother of all mountain bike destinations, and one of the best times to ride it happens to be in the spring, between March and early June. The high-desert location regularly sees temperatures rise into the 70's and 80's, making for perfect weather to go with near-perfect trails. If you haven't heard, Moab can be a bit technical, so be sure to bring your A-game when it comes to bike handling skills. One good thing about the trails and terrain here, however, is that there are almost always walk-around lines, so you can choose to push yourself as much (or as little) as you want.

Travel Tips

Moab is located in-between Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park; it's one of the most unique and beautiful areas of the world. The terrain is like no other you'll ever see. If you can swing it, I highly recommend spending a day in both national parks - it makes for a great "rest day" and it's totally worth the time off the saddle.

In town, Moab is a bit touristy but like any town there are hidden gems. Be sure to check out both the Love Muffin Cafe and Sweet Cravings for breakfast - the paninis and burritos are not to be missed. For dinner, you can't go wrong with a few pizzas from Paradox Pizza or if you're looking to load up on protein, hit up the Blu Pig located right on Main Street.

Top MTB Trails in Moab

On The Trails in Moab

The Amasa Back trail system has become one of legend with the recent additions of Hymasa and Captain Ahab, making it a must-do for any real mountain biker that visits Moab. Our recommendation is to climb Hymasa, but only to the mid-point of Ahab; the lower section is the most fun two miles you’ll ride on a mountain bike. From there, head back up Hymasa and continue on to the turn-off to Pothole Arch, a 2-mile flowy singletrack that’s worth the added effort. Once you get to the viewpoint, you can pick your way back down by coming back on Amasa, Hymasa, or down the backside on Jackson’s and Rock Stacker. They’re all epic!

Top MTB Trails in Moab Utah
    Ah, The Whole Enchilada. Yes, it’s as good as its reputation. The Whole Enchilada sits firmly at the top of everyone’s bucket list rides, and for good reason. There’s really only one way to ride this, and it starts with a stiff climb to the top of Burro Pass. Don’t worry - even though it’s tough and you’ll likely walk your bike a bit, the views are breathtaking and the rewards are well worth the suffering. Take your time to session the technical bits of UPS (like the Notch!), LPS, and Porcupine Rim, and be sure to savor the amazing terrain you’re riding - you won’t see anything else like this in the world. Seriously. One word of caution though - Spring can be hit or miss depending on the snowfall in the La Sal Mountains. You may only be able to ride TWE from part way up (like starting on Kokopelli), but don't worry- it's still worth the time and effort!

    Top MTB Trails in Moab Utah
      And finally, Navajo Rocks - a bit of a darkhorse when it comes to popular Moab rides, Navajo Rocks is one of the faves among our Trip Leaders thanks to the diversity of terrain and the barren landscape the trail traverses.  The trails are shaped like a clover leaf, which means there are several options for putting together a ride. Our favorite direction is clearly counter-clockwise (despite the recommendation of MTB Project), which allows you to enjoy the one main extended descent on Coney Island.  The terrain is a mix of packed sand singletrack and super-fun slickrock… so much fun, that we’d recommend the slickrock of Navajo Rocks over the actual Slickrock Trail!

      Top Mountain Bike Trails in Moab, Utah

      If you're looking to book an epic MTB adventure, just click the link below to schedule a trip and see what makes Moab one of the most sought after MTB destinations in the country.

      Top MTB Trails in Moab

      -Written by Steve Mokan, Owner of Chasing Epic MTB Adventures

        April 25, 2017

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