Stan's NoTubes Launches Carbon Flow and Baron CB7 Wheels

Today, Stan’s NoTubes announces the latest in their already extensive lineup of wheelsets and rims: Flow CB7 and Baron CB7. These two new additions add wider carbon options, 29mm and 35mm respectively, to their CB7 line. Before we get into the nitty gritty details, what are Flow and Baron? Flow fills the enduro and DH wheelset slot in Stan’s lineup, while Baron sits more in the trail category for wide trail tires and plus tires. So what’s so special about these two new wheelsets? Read on to find out!

Stans NoTubes Carbon Flow and Baron wheelset release


Carbon wheels have come a looooong way from their inception. At first, it was all about the stiffness and handling response. Then people started to realize that riding really stiff wheels kinda sucks and companies began looking into how to maintain the handling, but save your body from feeling like it was riding a jackhammer. Stan’s approach to this is in their asymmetrical sidewalls. They call it “Asymmetrical BST”, with the BST standing for Bead Socket Technology. After reaching out to the folks at Ibis who know a thing or two about carbon, they were able to create wheels with low sidewalls. The advantages of low sidewalls include less mass and therefore lighter weight, better sealing, better tire retention, and probably most importantly (at least for your hands’ sake), a more forgiving ride.

Stans NoTubes Carbon Flow and Baron wheelset

Carbon Technology

This is all based on their already existing RiACT system, which is Radial impact Absorbing Carbon Technology. It’s a bit of a lengthy acronym, but it definitely means something. The shape and layup of RiACT rims results in wheels that can deflect radially (think pushing down on your wheel) to reduce the chances of pinch flats, help you roll faster, and lessen the impact on your hands and feet. Don’t you worry though, these aren’t just noodly carbon rims. The carbon has been shaved off where it counts and thanks to the asymmetrical drilling, the lateral stiffness and strength (think twisting your wheel side to side) is still there. 

Stans NoTubes Carbon Flow and Baron wheelset

Flow vs. Baron

Where do these guys stand in the Stan’s hierarchy? Well, the Baron CB7 sits at the top of the game as the most premium Baron wheelset available. The Flow CB7, on the other hand, slots in just below the Flow EX3, which remains as the first choice for enduro and DH applications.

Stans NoTubes Carbon Flow and Baron wheelset


  • 32H Only
  • Sapim Force 2.0/1.7/1.8mm Spokes
  • Sapim Secure Lock Nipples 
  • 250lb Recommended Maximum Rider Weight
  • Flow CB7 Rim - 27.5" - 420g and 29" - 455g
  • Baron CB7 Rim - 27.5" - 420g and 29" - 455g
  • Flow Wheelset - 27.5" - 1674g and 29" - 1761g
  • Baron Wheelset - 27.5" - 1674g and 29" - 1761g
  • Rim - $600 USD
  • Wheelset - $1399 USD

Stans NoTubes Carbon Flow and Baron wheelset


At this point, there are about a million iterations of carbon wheelsets, so what sets these Stan’s ones apart? Well for starters, that is one heck of a competitive price point. Sure, you can get cheaper carbon wheels, but they’re not backed by the legendary Stan’s name. Speaking of being backed, Stan’s offers a stellar 7-year warranty and a lifetime crash replacement deal when you register your wheels. If you need more convincing, think about the last time you tried to mount tires on your wheelset. It probably wasn’t easy (I swear every new tire is like a horse that needs to be tamed). Stan’s makes it easier with their low sidewalls to get those wily rubber things on. Any way you look at it, the new Stan’s NoTubes Flow and Baron CB7 rims and wheelsets are awesome in every way.

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September 13, 2019

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