Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 Rear Wheel 27.5" 142 x 12: Rider Review

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When it comes to any given bike out there the wheels are arguably one of the most important parts. Being a large component as well, it can make a big impact on how a bike feels. Our friend David shares his experience with Stan's NoTube Flow S1 rear wheel. Check it out!

Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 Rear Wheel Rider Review


I had been looking for a new set of wheels that would perform well but wouldn’t break my budget. After researching the available options, I decided on Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 for my front and rear wheels. I have been making upgrades to an entry-level Marin Hawk Hill and wanted to replace the 27.5 stock wheels which had worn out. I wanted something more robust with the options I needed, and that would allow me to use my existing cassette. The Flow S1 also comes in a non-boost option, which is what I was looking for.

I ride all types of trails from flat single track to steep rocky descents, but not bike parks. I wanted wheels that could easily handle this, at a great price point. My decision came down to Stan's Flow, either the S1 or MK3. The MK3 is a little lighter and might be a little stronger, but also at a higher price point. Based on my riding style I decided on the Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 due to the affordable price point, good specs, 29mm internal rim width, good reviews, and not to mention - help from Worldwide Cyclery. They assisted me with various questions from using my existing Shimano cassette to recommending tubeless valves.

Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 Rear Wheel Rider Review

First impressions

So far these wheels have been performing well, with no issues. I purchased these wheels separately (not as a set) but they shipped together and arrived in great shape out of the box. The wheels were true with good spoke tension. My existing cassette went on easily. The rims came pre-taped but without valve stems, so I installed the Orange Seal tubeless valves recommended by Worldwide Cyclery. Setting up my tubeless tires was very easy with these wheels - I mounted new WTB tires on to each rim, which went on without much of a struggle. With a little soapy water and just a standard tire pump, my tires popped into the bead easily with no problems. The i29mm rims seem to work well for my 2.6 wide tires.

These wheels ride and feel very nice! The Neo hub seems solid with good engagement. The hub has a good solid sound but not too obnoxiously loud. Time will tell when it comes to durability, but the hub seems easy to service as well.

Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 Rear Wheel Rider Review

Final Thoughts

There are certainly higher-end wheels available, but for the performance and price, the Stan's Flow S1 front and rear wheels are a great option for budget-conscious riders.

Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 Rear Wheel Rider Review

September 21, 2019

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