SRAM X-Sync 2 Eagle Cold Forged Direct Mount Chainring: Rider Review

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Although it may go overlooked, a solid performing chainring can keep you spinning for miles without ever having to think about it. Our friend, William Stuhr, recently purchased two cold-forged chainings for his trusty steeds and gives us his thoughts. Check out his review below!


I've read that most mountain bikes, something like 85%, never see the mountains. Like other exercise equipment, most mountain bikes have a 90 day life and then slip into a corner and metamorphosis into a carbon-fiber-and-unobtanium clothes hanger. But some of us actually LIVE in the mountains, put 1,000 miles a year on the damn things (!) and, sad to say, the box-stock lowest gear on a new SRAM 1X12 Intense Tracer or a Santa Cruz 5010 just isn't low enough for us late sexagenarians. (love that word...) So, with an eye on the Monarch Crest Trail later this summer, I ordered two direct-mount, 3mm offset, 30t, SRAM chainrings from Worldwide Cyclery.

Sram Cold Forged Chainring Rider Review Bikes

The direct-mount chainrings come in different offsets, so check your bike before you order. I shopped around and determined Worldwide had the goods in stock at the lowest price AND I had a 10% off coupon from a previous purchase to sweeten the deal. They're not Amazon, but they do ship very quickly. I did the math and the 30t chainrings make second gear about as low as first was previously, and low gear now is comfortably low enough to spin up just about anything or pull stumps in the front yard.

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Final Thoughts

It took two hours and three brews to swap the chainrings on both bikes and you must own or be able to borrow, and competently operate a tiny torque wrench along with a work stand and a few other tools. Plenty of videos on YouTube to show you the way. But, in the end, Voila'! Happy wife, happy life!


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August 16, 2019

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